Thick Cannabis Oil Cartridge Filling and Chat

TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL AND IMPROVE CONTENT: For The Best Deals On Quality Cartridges and Other Vape Needs: Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to comment below with anything you would like to see CHEERS!! John. C&C Connoisseurs is based out of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington […]


HOW TO TAKE CBD OIL // There are a lot of different ways to take CBD Oil. And it can get confusing figuring out the best way to use CBD Oil – whether it’s under the tongue, as an edible, inhaling it or another delivery method. Watch this video to […]

How to Buy CBD Oil

How to Buy CBD Oil. In this video, I’ll break down “how to buy cbd oil” You’ll learn the key questions to ask when it comes to buying CBD Oil. If you’ve been asking yourself, “where to buy CBD Oil”, “how to buy CBD oil online”, “how to buy CBD […]

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