Summer Time – The Summer Q&A Podcast

Hey guys! Here’s the podcast we recorded when Summer was here. Be sure to click the link for the podcast below because not all of them will be available on YouTube. Summer’s Channel ––aHQdg2PjX8RmH1PHUg -The Podcast- -First Merch Link- -Second Merch Link- -Sign Up For Members Here- […]

Teenage Boy's Room Tour

He’s pretty classy! Isaiah loved showing off his room. It’s a pretty typical teenage boy’s room tour with a little added class. Our boy is growing up! No more video game posters. -First Merch Link- -Second Merch Link- -Sign Up For Members Here- (for iPhone users that […]

Autism and CBD Oil | Cannabis Help With Anxiety? | Fathering Autism Vlog #70

We are talking about starting Abbie on CBD oil. What’s your experience with autism and CBD oil? Does cannabis help with anxiety? We are preparing Abbie for Camp I Am Special. Lastly, Priscilla might be royalty. -MY SOCIAL MEDIA- -Facebook: -Snapchat: FatheringAutism -Twitter: @fatheringautism -My Instagram: @fatheringautism1 -Isaiah’s […]

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