How To Make THC Vape Cartridges (Or CBD) Organic & Solventless

Nugsmasher 29 NugSmasher OG – NugSmasher Extraction Bags – NugSmasher Decarb Capsule – NugSmasher Collection Plate – In this video, we completely remaster everything we did in our original THC Vape Cartridge video. Instead of using an unnatural solvent based Wax Liquidizer and microwave for heating, we […]

CBD: A Beginners Guide to Everything CBD

Nugsmasher 3

Link to article: Nugsmasher mini – In this video, we talk about CBD and introduce new individuals to the possible benefits that CBD may have. There is much speculation about the safety and legality of CBD currently, but we are seeing a growing research of possible benefits […]

CBD Dabs – How To Extract CBD Rosin From Hemp Buds Bought Online

Nugsmasher 6 NugSmasher Touch – NugSmasher Mini – NugSmasher Extraction Bags – In this video we purchased hemp buds online and wanted to test the CBD and THC levels of them before and after extracting rosin. The extraction went great although the yields were a little low, the […]

CBD Concentrates – How To Make Them At Home

Nugsmasher 8

ORDER THE NUGSMASHER TOUCH HERE: Nugsmasher’s HOW TO GUIDE on making rosin from CBD Hemp Flower. We also tested the potency of our flower on our Sage Analytics Luminary Beacon. NUGSMASHER TOUCH THIS MACHINE REALLY DEFINES THE TERM “Rosin Made Simple” The NugSmasher Touch Rosin Extraction System featuring our […]

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