45 thoughts on “BlackTie CBD Give Aways & review

  1. Still waiting on the phone number for Black Tie CBD net some reason my car but not go through on any website I don't know why f*** up but as soon as I get the number I'll be ordering some rosin from them cuz like I said in the past here wouldn't last month but this month here on July 1st is the end of our flower rights but I am currently getting a license to grow my own so that works out for me thanks for the thyme the courtesy and I respect that we all have for you it going out of your way to make all this happen for the videos and your teachings respect and honor sincerely Danny Reynolds Bedford Indiana

  2. Louisiana just passed a ban on any form of smokable hemp, hemp flower or Any form of hemp based inhalants. Sucks man it's not like people can just get up and leave there friends and family, we're so divided' feels bad man???

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