The TRUTH About CBD in Skin Care – Is it worth it?

It is estimated that the CBD market will reach $16 billion by 2025. But why? What does topical CBD actually do? Is it worth your money? Is it even legal? We’ll answer these questions and more!

0:53 What is CBD?
2:24 Hemp Oil vs CBD
3:46 Is CBD “Magic”?
4:54 The CBD Market

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33 thoughts on “The TRUTH About CBD in Skin Care – Is it worth it?

  1. This is pet related, so take it up with your vet if you're interested: Several dog-owning friends have seen an additional improvement in their dogs' arthritis pain management by adding a vet-approved CBD supplement. Now that is not to say that the more traditional dog-specific anti-inflammatory and pain meds are not doing their job, but the CBD is apparently helping to minimize some side effects and one blind doggy pal is even showing improved tear production. So is it a clinical trial? No. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have some benefit.

  2. I LOVE CBD, I use it for anxiety and chronic pain. I've halved the amount of prescription painkillers I need to take and I also have less panic attacks.
    All this hype though… I don't really think it is beneficial in regular mass produced ejuice, skincare or makeup because it has to be a good strength/quality and you need to take it regularly as well as long term to have results. I think it is just a gimmick in mainstream products and that makes me sad because it really can benefit people if it is full spectrum and used correctly.
    I'm the biggest CBD/THC geek.

  3. I tried the drops for my Fibro. It did nothing except make me sleepy for 15 minutes and then that went away. I am using the Flora & Bast CBD Serum now and I’m enjoying the product. I can’t say for sure that it’s worth the price yet.

  4. My skin is really picky with skincare, and the skincare system I have been trying for the past few months has been a total blessing for my skin. It contains CBD, but it also has tons of other natural ingredients in it that could be responsible for it helping. I have very bad acne problems and pigmentation and my skin tends to either lean very oily or very dry but since I've been using it I have not had those issues. The CBD substances I take (gummies, vape) are from reliable companies sold at dispensaries (I live in a legal marijuana state, so I am able to just walk into a store and buy the stuff). That stuff definitely helps me concentrate and relax. CBD is a great substance… from the right sources. I trust the dispensary products I get and my natural skincare, but I wouldn't trust a makeup brand hopping on it just to sell.

  5. I use CBD oil for Ehler's Danlos syndrome hypermobility type (connective tissue, disorder high levels of daily pain, constant injuries) and find it definitely helps. Finding a reputable company, the right strength and type are key and it works best if you can put the drops under your tongue for best absorption – it tastes foul but as long as it works ?‍♀️. My adult daughter also takes it for the same condition and found that mixing a few drops with some coconut oil – the solid type – made a useful salve to apply externally to particularly sore muscles. Whether the amount in skincare does anything I'm not sure. Both my daughters use the Revolution CBD face oil and find it helps to varying degrees with dry skin and eczema, more so in the case of my elder daughter but then she is also taking the medicinal strength drops internally, so that might be what makes the difference.

  6. I use cbd and thc for my pain from fibromyalgia and my IBS. I also use it topically for pain but the level of cbd has to be high enough (at least 100mg cbd per ounce). It works very well. Also I’ve found the best ratio of cbd:thc is 1:1. Cbd works much better with thc due to the entourage effect. Cbd by itself in the form of a vape works instantly for anxiety for me but not for pain. 1:1 vapes work for both for me. If any of you live in Nevada I HIGHLY recommend Mary’s Medicinals 1:1 tincture by coltyn for pain and IBS or crohns disease (which it was created for). I’ve not tried any cbd skincare products because the are usually extremely expensive or don’t contain much cbd.

  7. I use the Origins "Hello, Calm" mask which has CBD and it's great and my go to as soon as I start getting my monthly hormonal acne breakouts, or if I accidentally over exfoliate, or get a bad reaction to a product. But also, I think this product has otherwise good ingredients and such, and is a type of product where the CBD actually makes a difference. I tried the MILK lip balm and in that it made no real difference, and I prefer cheaper ones to it. Maybe it could be worth it if you have eczema or something on your lips?
    Just in short I think whether it's worth it or not depends on if the product can stand on its own without the CBD, and you need to pick and choose to make sure it's a product where the CBD will make a difference for you.

  8. I've been using a coconut oil based, hemp oil salve for my eczema. I've been using it for about a year and I've seen great results. It helps with itching and keeping my skin hydrated. It may not work for everyone, but it works wonders on my skin!

  9. Personally, I have fibromyalgia and I use a 500 mg cbd pain cream that I get from a place called gruene cross. It’s by far been the most effective thing I’ve used. I’ve tried vaping it which does work as well, but I just don’t prefer vaping, using drops that go under the tongue but those taste nasty plus I find them ineffective when you’re in pain because with drops you have to build them up in your system for them to be effective so to me it’s pointless. The pain cream works on contact and I’ve even gotten my mom who has RA to try it and she has since gone on to purchase some as well because it’s helped her . To me , using cbd has been great because it limits me having to take pain killers . As far as cbd in beauty goes I haven’t tried that yet. I do actually have a sample of the first aid beauty cbd serum but I’ve not used it yet so I don’t have thoughts on how effective it is on skin or what the benefits are in beauty routines . I have heard it helps calm inflammation down, redness etc. I mean if it helps calm my fibromyalgia inflammation I can only imagine it would be great for skin inflammation

  10. Ooh so lucky to go to that event ! I wanted to go this year oh well maybe next year . It’s crazy I even seen it in hair care lately . It’s insane but like you said more research is needed on this . I been trying some skin care that contains CBD and so far I haven’t seen crazy results . But who knows it’s only been a month .

    Thanks for the video . Hope you make more videos on these kind of hot topics . ???

  11. I've always been a pothead. I vomit regularly and we'll marijuana helped.(plus I just like being high) I've in the last year started smoking less and using almost strictly CBD for nausea, vomiting, migraines (it only SOMETIMES HELPS), headaches, and I have a cream I use for localized pain. I've yet to try CBD skin care other than just lotion or soap I bought bc I'm a stoner and it has a pot leaf on the bottle (I love the Hemp brand?) but my mom's sister has recently turned into the person that thinks CBD cures and helps everything ? and has gotten my mom into some CBD skin care (she was already using oil to aid in helping her migraines for a few minutes of relief) and my mom LOVES it!

  12. I can vouch for it being legit for my dog. He has a horrible skin condition and my hubby and I were at our wits end when we paid $60 for 2 tiny bottles of CBD oil as a Hail Mary for our furry old friend. This makes me extremely nervous though because I am straight up allergic to the product! I have to use latex gloves to apply it to Zeke's skin. Its worth it because it works for him and there is a noticeable difference for him. As for me, it burns and swells my skin. I have stayed away from hemp lotions for years now since discovering this reaction. I am not looking forward to having to check my skin care every time I want to try something new! What's next, shampoo?!

  13. Thanks for all the information, I was wondering about all of this stuff, as I see it more and more in skincare and cosmetics, even in lip balm. This is so helpful in figuring out the difference between CBD and Hemp Seed Oil.

  14. Thank you for doing a video on this Jen. Since hemp, canibius, etc. have been demonized (touch hyperbolic of a word but you get my meaning) the amount of true information out there is still limited, seeing a more comprehensive makeup video on the ingredient is a breath of fresh air, even if our own understanding is still minimal; as you stated, the research isn't there yet, but you've opened the possibilities for discussion. As far as it has been in the past (and a little current) it's been a bit of a wild west frontier style boom in my opinion, which means lots of availability for misinformation and easy market manipulation. Personally, as with any naturally based ingredient, I am always curious to see if it can help or hinder but will wait to see some proper results.

  15. I truly don't think that the small amount that they're legally allowed to have in products that are sold where marijuana isn't legal yet, won't do anything for you. However, if you live in one of the states (or countries) where it IS legal, you still don't want to go for the cosmetics at stores. Here is Washington, I have a wonderful lotion that I use for my back when the pain gets to be too much. The difference is that in the 2oz jar, I have 175mg of CBD. That's far in excess of .3%, and it still doesn't work every time.

    Be careful what you purchase. While CBD (and even THC in certain strains and doses) has magical-esque powers, it's not a given that any dose of it will cure you. And so much shame to the people trying to use it to sell their products. SHAME!

  16. I love you for posting this video! Being in Colorado THC and CBD are obviously all over the place, you don’t think twice, it’s like seeing caffeine marketed in skincare or drinks. When I was looking into oral CBD the volume you have to consume every day for therapeutic benefits is a lot, and it’s so expensive! Because of this, I haven’t been able to comprehend the benefits in a mascara or lipgloss, or even skincare. It seems like a cash grab for marketing. If they stated, “we used hemp to be more sustainable,” or “cbd to make a smoother more nourishing formula” I’d be all in… but there’s no rhyme or reason to a lot of the claims. I’m all about using cbd and hemp oil, I just don’t want to get taken advantage of paying twice the price if it has no benefits. Now, if hemp oil is used instead of a less sustainable or more harmful oil (such as mineral oil) then I think that’s great! I think theoretically, hemp oil could replace some of the less desirable ingredients in powder and liquid products, and it’s so much better for the environment to source than other things. Think about how there was a push to use hemp instead of trees to make paper- no one thought that hemp paper would cure your hand cramps while you wrote, but it would save the environment.

    CBD itself is amazing. Like you said, it doesn’t get you high. There’s isolate and full spectrum (FS has trace THC while I has none). In Colorado you can tour grow sites (similar to brewery tours) and consult with manufacturers so easily. Unfortunately, that is not the case in most states. My best friend is an oncology nurse in Florida, and she said it’s nearly impossible for her patients to access it or educate themselves on it, even though it’s legal.

    I look forward to learning more because I feel like there’s a lot of potential. From what I’ve seen in CBD/hemp makeup, people either grab it up or are sooo scandalized over it, when in reality I don’t think it’s a big deal either way. This post is so jumbled, but I hope you can follow my train of thought!

  17. So something to consider; some states newly allow CBD oil, but not weed, and have not developed field tests yet that can differentiate between >.03 THC and <.03 THC. I've seen it covered several times in my state (TX) that as of June allows CBD, but if a "CBD" oil is found in car, or dog alerts to CBD inside car, and police make the arrest no matter the THC. It can later be dismissed if testing shows its under the .03 THC line. But harm is already done.

    I understand why you said you can't be arrested, but you'd be wrong in TX. I know, it makes no sense, but until there's a field test for the cops, arrests.

  18. CBD or no, ordinary industrial hemp-seed oil in a couple of months dealt with my sudden papulo-pustular rosacea. So, slap some on the face, slap the rest in salads… In addition to that, olive leaf extract capsules…

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