Summer Time – The Summer Q&A Podcast

Hey guys! Here’s the podcast we recorded when Summer was here. Be sure to click the link for the podcast below because not all of them will be available on YouTube.
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37 thoughts on “Summer Time – The Summer Q&A Podcast

  1. Please please please id love to see you guys surprise summer at a volleyball game!! Also, I’d also like to see you guys do a funny and light play by play with Asa and Isaiah or maybe both of summers “dads” (Phil and Asa) lol or some sick highlight reel !!! Maybe on her senior night?!! Ive seen her surprise you guys a bunch but I think she’d love it!

  2. Every time I see Summer, I love her more. We are so blessed to have one of our son’s elementary school teachers as this person in our son’s life. It is so hard to trust anyone with our non-verbal kiddos. What great people these rare treasures are!

  3. Summer is an earth angel definitely!! She is a very awesome individual with the biggest heart. I really wish her only the finest that life can offer. One question….what about her mum? Has she a mum or just her dad?? Thank you for another wonderful video. Big hugs!!

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