CBD vs Valium for Public Speaking Anxiety (Clinical Study)

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This video is about using CBD for public speaking anxiety.

CBD seems to work well for public speaking anxiety without producing the negative side effects often experienced with anti-anxiety medications like Valium.

Read the full article here at CBD School: https://tinyurl.com/mk8dtsn

You can check out the study here: https://tinyurl.com/kycv6gp

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15 thoughts on “CBD vs Valium for Public Speaking Anxiety (Clinical Study)

  1. I've been taking Diazepam 4x day @ 10 mg. each. I've been on this SAME dosage for about 8yrs. Suddenly, my doctor just cuts me off trying to put me on Clonopin .5mg. Is this safe?! I'd rather not take either one if there is something better, more effective and safer?! I also get seizures (focal point) and I noticed CBD helps with that too… What would you suggest? I don't really trust some of these quack doctor's these days… I think I am just getting screwed with! 🙁

  2. Actually the best med for public speaking is a beta blocker called Propranolol. It blocks "adrenaline" valium will not stop adrenaline (racing heart, flushed face, jittery nervous speech) this beta blocker is used by comedians and speakers world wide. I use it for interviews for jobs. Its amazing

  3. Valium would for sure relax you but maybe not be good presentation. Anybody reading this I implore you to not get involved with benzos. Rebound anxiety withdrawls its not even close to worth it. CBD meditation whatever please no benzos

  4. I'm considering taking CBD to help with my social anxiety. I already vape so I think vaping CBD would be more convenient for me when I'm out and at social events. If I buy CBD E-liquid should I vape it as it is straight out of the bottle, or can I mix it with my usual e-liquid to make the CBD bottle last a little longer?

  5. Where I live in Tennessee a man makes CBD oil locally here and he’s awesome! His products are pure and has different items to choose from! Proven effective for anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, seizures etc! If interested let me know I’ll get you a discount since I’m a loyal customer of his!

  6. I've been using cbd oil for about a month i suffer with social anxiety disorder. It's amazing stuff, ive been able to get off effexor because it works so well. I am still working on getting dosage correct. Too much cbd gives me hypersomnia. What would be the best thc:cbd ratio….i have seen 1:30 and 1:3?

  7. Hi I'm new to cbd oil & taking for chronic pain. But I'm still confused about what dose to buy & take & how much cbd is actually in each drop . I vape mine so for eg if I have a 10ml bottle with 1% cbd , how much cbd is actually in each drop? This is also flavoured. What price would it usually cost for 10ml of 100% cbd – I Trying to work out how much to buy with out getting taken advantage of, as it's clear I'm new to this and some people would sense this immediately lol thanks

  8. I started taking CBD about a month ago for anxiety. I've had good results. I thought it might be the placebo effect, but I've also seen a reduction in my blood sugar levels. (type 2 diabetic) That's quantifiable right there on my meter. I'm excited to learn more!

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