CBD Made Me Feel Worse? (CBD Side Effects)

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In this video I answer the question of what to do if CBD makes you feel worse.

CBD side effects are generally rare and very mild when they do occur.

However, CBD side effects for some people can be a problem.

I go over what I would do in a situation where I was experiencing unpleasant CBD side effects.

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31 thoughts on “CBD Made Me Feel Worse? (CBD Side Effects)

  1. I took cbd oil for anxiety. I did the drops and vaped it. It made me feel super depressed! I didn’t realize it was the cbd oil that was making me feel that way. I thought I was just depressed. I quit taking it then boom I felt so good! I was back to laughing again!

  2. RSO 1:1 (Rick Simpson Oil) helps lower my BP (blood pressure) at night, I have severe sleep apnea on CPAP, and my regular meds don't work while sleeping so RSO keeps my BP low until the morning (it's too sedating for daytime use). UNFORTUNATELY, CBD 750mg full spectrum oil (less than 0.3%THC) applied topically over knee pain made it stiffer and more painful. BTW, yes, you will be able to tolerate THC in RSO over time so it doesn't make you so dizzy but still, not for daytime use, and it did not do anything for depression or anxiety but that's not what i was taking it for, I was taking it to reduce inflammation and lower BP.

  3. CBD hasn't helped all THAT much with my pains. I have bad nerve pains and back, neck, shoulder pains though. It helped a little with anxiety, but it actually has made me very depressed. I haven't felt this down in awhile..

    I took it for a month now. While I have a bit of oil left, I might give the rest to my mother who is taking gummies and says CBD helps her some with her own pains.

    I had talked to my doctor today as well. We both think discontinuing is best. So thank you for your added advice. It is much appreciated. CBD is not for everyone then.

  4. Take the oil not the capsules. I took capsules (30 mg worth) gave me more anxiety, it came over me like a wave out of nowhere and that never happens to me. And I wasnt even taking them for anxiety but to help me sleep.

  5. I've just started taking CBD oil for anxiety that I get from time to time. The first time I took it i never really felt much different so 2nd time took it made me feel just at ease as was going to dentist and felt anxious before but totally took my anxiety I usually get at dentist away which was good . Next day I took slightly more than half of a dropper and within a hour my anxiety was through the roof nearly a full blown panic attack which I havnt had for years OMG never again that was so scary so for about 5 hour of high anxiety then felt super tired as day went on . I guess I've took to much or just not for me !!!

  6. If anyone takes CBD and feels bad, that means its ramping up the bodies immune system and not only fights a cold but promotes detoxification. You feel worse before you feel better just like overcoming the cold, Also, people do not know where they get their CBD from. Many sources dont even contain CBD .. Ive seen chemo patience get out of bed and want more, everyone I know who has arthritis, lupus and seizures want more .. Some people have disgusting GI tracts and people who do flushes feel bad until its done.

  7. I just stared today and I believed it made me super depressed. I haven't cry so much and feel this sad in about a year. So not so sure if I will try it again. Apparently this is not a typical effect but also I am very sensitive to any chemical I put in my body.

  8. It's important people are purchasing reputable products that are known to have had success. I've heard some of these no-name CBD products contains synthetics that will not work as well and could potentially cause issues like this. Reddit is a great place to find out what products seem to be working for people.

  9. As you know I take CBD tincture oil for arthritis and hallux rigidus I also have a condition called panic attack disorder. I know I'm a complete mess LOL as for stress I was able to reduce my Xanax from 3 Xanax two 1/2 of Xanax per day you have to work with your doctor and the CBD if she had a stress disorder she may have stopped her medicine that's not always a good thing to do just saying

  10. Lately my mother bought me this cbd syrup. From other comments of your videos i see people talking about they felt alot better after using the oil. I don't feel like the cbd syrup has done anything for me at all. I take it for anxiety and depression. I want to know what your opinions are on cbd syrup.

  11. I wonder if maybe as you talked about on another video about them being pure cbd without the THC could be the issue for those people. I tried one but it did make me more anxious but from another company it did not.

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