CBD Explained! (The Benefits & Effects of Cannabidiol)

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43 thoughts on “CBD Explained! (The Benefits & Effects of Cannabidiol)

  1. Oh You tube is owned by the same pack of cronies that make zillions from the horrid pharmaceuticals and all their horrid side effects they prescribe without issue including diazepam, "a chemical lobotomy" prescribed for one of it's many side effects "muscle relaxant properties.
    What you call magical, I call diluted of it wholesome benefits, what you call" high" I laugh at, I'm not some Dumbass partying teen wanting to say "woah man, I'm stoned dude" it just make me appreciate life God and my body and mind to its full God intended use.
    IF course most proponents of the diluted for are ignorant of God, nor will they seek him out, they will try every other religion except the one That Holds "God true, and every man a lier".

  2. doing a CBD pen right now..new at this..did a 5dollar CBD joint last month =no efect-Like smoking bad pot back in the 60`s..Hemp is rope,clothes waht ever ? I will slow keep trying as i am poor . In over $168. so far – yes i got scam from a awful CBD web site ..now have a $40. vapor and wonder if i can use the $38. CBD liquid I purchase in it? // Note if u put your 2 fingers to your lips and slowly breath thur rhem..just clean air & think relax… // All drugs effect different plp differently ..SO…? Power of belief ……….. what ever ..I am just saying ..be happy * at peace

  3. Its amazing all the new things that cbd oil helps.
    It helps my RLS – restless legs.
    I have to watch how much I take because it can give me more anxiety instead of helping it.
    I love all the new discoveries for CBD.
    I'm amazed at all the things cannabis helps.
    Yea for CBD.
    Is it legal in all 50 states now?
    New discoveries everyday on this, I think.

  4. Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is derived from the hemp plant through the CO2 extraction process. It is known to have less than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), hence making it anti-psychotic (it won’t make you ‘high’). THC is a compound present in the hemp plant which causes a psychotic effect on the user.

    CBD oils have a high concentration of CBD in them which makes them fit for treating various mental and physical ailments.

  5. Funny how YouTube would take this down but yet if you were endorsing like Budweiser Jack Daniels Jim Beam and there's basically they don't really care but if you're introducing or trying to give something to someone that will help them YouTube in the sensors in the powers-that-be will just screw you over I've been called a pothead Stoner I love life and the richest thing funniest thing is Evan cold Seas names by people that are drinking out of bottles of whiskey that are bigger than mouthwash and people that you know if they were to get out of the bar they would probably dropped in give the Homer Simpsons Thea Family Guy the Peter Griffin the guy can't go without a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey every 5 Seconds but we'll call me a pothead for smoking marijuana I'm on the bleachers with it my mom is okay with it she's not happy that I'm smoking but she's not really mad either trying it out I had 12 cigarettes in my life and every one of those cigarettes and made me cough up a lung coughed up phlegm coughed up mucus and this hasn't is calling me down as only a lot more than my depression and I ain't depression meds which two person beds talk about side effects depression meds can screw your kidneys or liver or gallbladder can make you go f**** crazy if you don't have enough I feel pretty good but this one wild hemp cigarette of course you know there's going to be the Bible Thumpers the Fanatics that are my life I'm I'm a wild ham smoker IEP Emma Bagan I'm a pagan I'm a luciferian I study both doing a magic and white magic class and I really don't care what some guy off the street thinks of me peace and love to you and your own f**** haters

  6. Outstanding video bro!
    CBD is a life saver for me. I was born with three extra vertebrae in my lower spine wich caused severe hip dislocation, rotation, and pain. Every test, pain med, and corrective chiropractic visits nothing helped my pain.
    CBD took my pain away and it's like it was never there! I'm more alert and my depression is gone!!!

  7. I'm really considering trying this is manage my depression. I'm fucking done with prescription drugs. They don't work and come with a long list of side effects. I've tried vitaman d, omega 3, magnesium…nothing has helped AT ALL. Anyone take this specifically for moderate depression (not so much anxiety) and had good results? I'm sick of trying shit and getting no relief.

  8. I use this for anxiety, it works

    I first developed anxiety when I was 16 and would get horrible panic attacks.
    Medicine made it worse and after trying different pills I gave up, and I would just deal with anxiety day by day. I went 8 years just dealing with my anxiety with no help.

    Once I tried CBD it is incredible how much it helps. It is truly amazing.

  9. The placebo effect is strong with cbd. You need to ingest a huge amount to have it product any real effects from it. Not some little squirt under the tongue. We are talking a minimum of 300mg per dose. That’s quite expensive. If you don’t take a lot of it and claim it’s curing your ailments that great good for you, but the fact is it’s more your belief that it is helping that making you feel better than the cbd itself unless you’re taking a large amount. Want a real effect? Use the entire mixture that occurs naturally within the plant, it works together not as an individual unit.

  10. Thanks so much for this info! I have a new channel about CBD and hope to help educate others on how wonderful this is. Thanks so much! Anyone who will support my channel as well please like and subscribe. Hope it works for everyone

  11. I smoked a joint one time in my life. I freaked out so bad I never did it again. Recently I have become interested in cbd to help with being sore and tired everyday. I just do not want to feel high at all. I think I will give it a try.

  12. Hi there, yes my husband and I also took both CBD and THC products for years to help battle our Lyme disease as well as multiple auto immune conditions. In conjunctions with CBD you may want to try Serrapeptaze (Serragold is the brand I really like) to help repair some of the scar tissue and damage on that knee and find a machine called The Photon Genius. Fulvic/humic acid may help as well. Great video! We had a video on our channel about hemp oil (not even CBD) and YouTube also flagged the video and had us take it down, however I will be making another one shortly as well. We're from Canada and marijuana was legalized here in October (dry herb only) but at least it's a start and it's time to break this stigma surrounding these amazing compounds and what they are capable of doing to help so many people. ???

  13. I've been working with a doctor in CA thats been doing testing on CBD and THC beating cancer. Hes getting around 70% of cancer cases to go away using full spectrum oil delivered in a way that blasts their body full of cannabinoids to boost the immune system and attack the cancer.

    I got into this about 4 years ago as a grower when a friend asked me to grow CBD for his cancer. He was 72 After extracting the oil from the plant and giving it to him, he went from stage 4 leukemia to completely clean on all his screens in 2 weeks. Hes still alive at 76 and takes it still in small doses. Once that happened i started to try to find ways to spread it to others.

    Taking the oil as a suppository has incredible effects and is something that is just now being explored. One lady has been taking it for a few weeks and along with stage 4 cancer she also had chronic pain and depression. This is the feedback Ive had back so far from her:

    "Hey Chet, wow let me tell you something. This morning she just took her fourth dose, which is really just a day and a half into it, and wow what a huge upswing in her mood and attitude ! My wife visited her at her home last night and she was very down and depressed. She has also been dealing with severe chronic pain in her hip and leg that the pain pills the Dr gave her haven't been able to touch. This morning she has no pain, her mood is fabulous and she's cleaning her kitchen and packing to go spend the weekend in the keys! Last night she could barely get off the couch."

    Let me know how this finds you, the doctor is getting meds to people all over the country and hes treated over 3000 people now. Most people dont realize this is an option even if they dont want to do it, they should at least know about it. I am trying to get CBD based youtubers to shout out whats going on and new options that are helping people all over so they can contact me if they need to.

  14. The reason I feel weed was illegal was bc the govt wants to make sure they know the substance inside and out before they allow it to be on the market so they could make as much money as possible before and after legalizing it.

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