4 Ways to Take CBD (How to Use CBD)

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There are 4 main ways to take CBD:

1. Inhalation

– This is smoking and vaping. Vaping is the healthier option.
– Product examples: CBD eliquid, CBD ejuice, dry high CBD flowers
– Most efficient method of use – effects start in minutes
– Effects peak in 30 minutes
– Lasts 1 – 4 hours
– Easy to dose because you feel the effects fast
– If vaping CBD in eliquid AVOID propylene glycol suspensions.
– Read this article from Project CBD: https://tinyurl.com/m8h942h
– Check out this article from CBD School: https://tinyurl.com/n3ayat3

2. Sublingual

– This is taking CBD oil under your tongue
– Product examples: CBD tinctures, CBD sprays
– Efficient and discreet method
– Effects start in 15 – 60 minutes
– Effects peak in 1 – 2 hours
– Effects last 1 – 4 hours

3. Ingestion

– This is eating CBD and metabolizing it with it passing through the stomach
– Product examples: CBD edibles, CBD oil capsules, CBD gummies, chocolates, etc.
– Slow onset, longer lasting
– Effects start in 90 minutes
– Peak effects in 2 – 3 hours
– Effects las 6 – 8 hours
– THC has much stronger effects when eaten – need to be careful with dosing

4. Topical

– This is rubbing CBD creams and salves to specific parts of the body
– Product examples: CBD salves, lotions, creams
– No psychoactive effects
– Can be more liberal with dosage – no risk of using too much
– Can help with aches, pain, eczema, rashes, irritation (hemorrhoids), and psoriasis

A good book to learn about different ways to use cannabinoids: http://amzn.to/2p94Pw8

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24 thoughts on “4 Ways to Take CBD (How to Use CBD)

  1. The first time I had a fucking weed edible WWOOOOO I had a blast! It took a about an hour and a half to kick in I was high for like 18 hours. When it kick in I felt like I got hit by a truck ,but like in a good way. At first I thought I got robbed, not the case. I fuck up though I wasn't spouse to eat the whole thing at once that's why I was high for like 18 hours. Even my brother a heavy fucking stoner he can out smoke me any day got fuck up.

  2. I found a side effect with tincture. I started using it under my tongue and it messed with my tongues natural movements or irritated it. So I bit it super hard and it bled. Then same side next day. I never bite it like that so I feel it messed with that. Effects are great just not into taking it like that. I just put the oil in tea or drinks.

  3. Does anyone ever answer how long you leave cbd oil under your tongue? I was told to use a full dropper under my tongue then swallow. Well whats the point of putting it under my tongue if i just swallow it anyway? Of corse not one bottle i own has any directions worth reading. It just tells you how much to take as a serving, not hoe often, not how long you keep it there before you swallow it.. this is turning me off of cbd real fast.

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