Nu-X CBD Disposable CBD Pen 150mg Review

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Nu-X CBD is now selling the same CBD liquids as the 30ml bottles in disposable pens and I find it to be a lot more convenient and my preferred option. In this review I talk about my thoughts on CBD and each of the Nu-X flavors: Sedona “Lemon Cake”, Azure “Strawnana”, Oceana “OG Kush”, Rhea “Forbidden Fruit”, and Terra “AC/DC”. They are all amazing and the pen delivery system has been flawless for me. This product right here is what turned me into a huge CBD fan.


4 thoughts on “Nu-X CBD Disposable CBD Pen 150mg Review

  1. Once you said these changed the game for you, I had to go check out the price. Once I saw the price, I paused the video and stoped watching lol. $20 for a .5ml pen. I know CBD is suppose to be expensive……but that is ridiculous. Nu-X is basically the Juul of the CBD market. Yeah you can find cheaper options elsewhere. But why lower your price and try to compete when people are willing to pay you more for the same quality product anyways lol.

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