Main Benefits (and side effects) of CBD Oil (Part 2/2)

CBDoil Whiz

Full blog post here: 0:00 – Neuroprotection 1:05 – skincare/acne 2:06 – increased exercise enjoyment 3:44 – DRAWBACKS – blood thinning and how to reverse this 4:39 – diarrhea 5:49 – change in appetite (NOT munchies) 6:39 – recap 7:03 – Joseph Valtellini (muay-thai kickboxer) uses CBD oil 9:47 […]

CBD Oil For Anxiety

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LDN (low dose naltrexone) plus CBD

Dr. Liptan 1

In this video Dr. Liptan explains the additive effects of CBD (cannabidiol) when taken with LDN (low dose naltrexone) in reducing neuroinflammation and fibromyalgia pain. CBD can also ease some of the side effects caused by LDN. Learn more about LDN for fibromyalgia in The Fibro Manual You can […]

I tried CBD Oil for a week!

KiKi JahDore 1

I tried CBD oil for an entire week and these are my results. Check back soon to see my month review! ******************************­*********­*********************­******************­************­*************************** If you’re a hustler or in need of one drive for Lyft. I’m telling y’all it’s good money. Use my code to get a sign-up bonus. Or […]

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