Joy Organics Now Has It's Own CBD Dropshipping Operation

We only recently begun offering our own CBD dropshipping fulfillment operation for our CBD wholesale & private label partners.

You can request a copy of our brochure that includes pricing & details.

If you’re looking a CBD dropshipping company that can handle your CBD dropshipping & that will make a commitment to excellence, to make sure that every one of your orders are shipped on time, show up on time, look the way that you want them to look, that’s what Joy Organics will offer you.

Let’s talk about the Joy Organics CBD drop shipping services.

Our fulfillment operation has been running flawlessly because of the number of our cbd resellers who are asking us to do cbd dropshipping for them.

A little background. This is something that we did not want to offer as we did not want to get into the CBD drop shipping business. Let me first kind of lay a little foundation to this. We began by having a company out of Denver do our cbd dropshipping and without exaggeration every single day we had a complaint. A complaint where a customer ordered two products and got one, where the customer ordered this product got a different product.

It was a nightmare for us and when we have problems here at joy organics the number one thing we say is how do we take control of this process. We then started looking at other fulfillment companies and we found the same problem with all of them. They wouldn’t even return our phone calls and we weren’t even doing business with them yet. It was hard to get them return emails. You could just tell that these operations were irresponsibly run and so we had no choice but to start our own fulfillment operation for our CBD products.

We set up our operation here in Fort Collins & even as I record this video today out of I think I don’t know how many thousands of shipments we had last month we only had one error out of all of our shipments last month & that’s because we double and triple check everything.

It’s also because of the quality of employees that work in our fulfillment center. We hire good people and we them well for what they do because we expect them to do a great job. How they package and present our products to our consumers and to prevent us from having customer service issues because the customer got the wrong product they got not enough product or whatever the case may be.

I’ll tell you right now we likely won’t be as cheap as what you would find online. When you have cheap you get cheap. You get cheap employees, cheap operation, cheap software, and cheap packing materials. You get cheap everything. If we’re going to put our brand on something and put our reputation on something and provide customer service to our partners, we’re going to make sure that we’ve got the best people running our operation providing the highest level of service.

A little bit about our drop shipping program. We can integrate with any type of shopping cart. It doesn’t matter if you have Shopify, WooCommerce, go right down the list whatever shopping cart you have we can integrate it with our system very easily. We simply will take your product that you purchase we then set it aside for you it is you know kind of checked out of this inventory when you buy it and is put into your inventory. Our system is set up where every customer is going to be sent an email when their order is processed. They’ll have a tracking number where they can track it. All of this will be branded under your name, the return address on the envelopes will be your return address.

The reason it’s going to be your return address is because we don’t want to take back ship that have been returned for a couple reasons. Number one we don’t want the liability if we take it back. We’re going to throw your product away because we’re not going to run the risk that somebody opened your product, put something in your product, so we’re not going to touch that.

One of the main things that you need to be focused on in the running of your CBD business is to make sure that you do not have charge backs or disputes with your merchant processor. When you get a shipment back your priority should be immediately to identify why this shipment did not go through. Reach out to the customer to see if they entered an incorrect address & let them know that their product was returned and then immediately ship it to them again



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