Dog Eating Raw Turkey Neck, Chicken Feet, Pork Skin, Blueberry, Quail Egg

DogpileTV 9

Edu the dog eating a raw turkey neck, chicken feet, pork skin, blueberry and raw quail eggs for a nice mukbang show with asmr sounds.

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9 thoughts on “Dog Eating Raw Turkey Neck, Chicken Feet, Pork Skin, Blueberry, Quail Egg

  1. the only bad thing that came out of the raw dog food movement is the price of turkey necks went wayyyy up. I love turkey neck soup my family was somewhat poor growing up. my favorite soup was turkey neck soup. got me through college cheap too lol.

  2. Cool dog videos! How old are they all? Have you ever tried feeding them raw prey models like rabbit or quail (with fur/feathers etc.) that would be interesting to see! Also, I especially like the raw chicken feeding videos (quarters, wings, drumsticks) it would be great to see a few more of those feedings if possible 😉

  3. I really thought that pig skin was a big peace of lunch meat
    ? ….. But other than that awesome job Edu ?? I like seeing dogs eat the healthy stuff …. I heard that loud motorcycle in the background ? today about 20 of them went flying down my street today ?????????????????????????????? it was crazy !! ??

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