Can CBD Oil Replace Advil?

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Cannabidiol has demonstrated the same anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties as over the counter painkillers like Advil, but without the negative side effects attributed to long term use of NSAIDs.

Could CBD be the next Advil?

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One thought on “Can CBD Oil Replace Advil?

  1. My neck is a mess; I got whiplash in 1985 and twice more, in 1987 and 1991. In addition, I had a bodysurfing accident in 1996 that caused 3 compressed vertebrae and two partially ruptured discs, which resulted in locking my neck in place, until I used glucosamine and condroitin to free it up. But G-C didn't take away the condition (which doctors called "degenerative",) that caused most of the flare-ups: Inflammation, caused by bone rubbing on bone and on tissue.

    My pain was so intense at times, I could only lay down and overdose on ibuprofen while trying to not move. In one episode, after seeing my urine turn a decidedly unhealthy color, I had had enough. Even though Advil worked, the next day, I always felt like I had been beaten on the back of my neck with a baseball bat – like it was bruised.

    A budtender friend had always encouraged me to try medical cannabis, but I had never gotten relief (I'm a 45-year recreational cannabis smoker this summer,) from smoking cannabis, so I was skeptical; in fact, cannabis had often intensified the pain. In horrible pain, I drove a half hour to my friend's place; just the minor bumps in the road were enough to almost throw up and pass out. He fed me a high-CBD brownie ("for later") and handed me a pipe loaded with a 20% THC/0.3% CBD strain, called Peaches. I took a hit and in less than a minute, the pain wasn't gone, but the agony was. Within 15 minutes and another couple of hits, I was in great shape. He sent me home with a 1/4oz. The next morning I woke up feeling like I hadn't had a flareup the day before. I wasn't bruised. Had to be that 40mg high-CBD brownie.

    My pain wasn't shut off, the way Advil overdoses (1000mg) did, but I felt better overall than I did with Advil.

    I was floored by the experience, and had to find out why this particular strain had treated my pain so effectively; it wasn't a high-CBD strain, so I was mystified. Being an immersive learner, I started with the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids, then the Entourage Effect, then terpenes and flavonoids. At the same time, I researched the strain, which was a house-brand cross. I studied its genetics and smelled it and tasted it a bunch; I'm lousy at it, but I fainally determined I detected a peppery note most of all. One Peaches' progenitors it turns out, was the landrace strain, Chocolate Thai. Part of what makes that chocolaty flavor, is caryophyllene, bigly (and humulene too.) Mystery solved.

    Although it's even better when I get a high-CBD strain with caryophyllene, it was the caryophyllene that treats my issues best.

    I replaced a 30 year, 150-250 x 250mg ibuprofen habit with medical cannabis. While high-CBD strains are a great preventative, it's those strains with caryophyllene and/or alpha pinene that replaced Advil LiquiGels forever.

    Almost a year later, I've only had 2 flareups, both less than two months after starting medical cannabis treatment. But early in June, something happened that I hadn't heard (yes, heard) in 30 years: Silence. Since my disc ruptures, I had lived with listening to bone grinding in my neck, and one morning it was just gone.

    I searched for reasons and found a new study that said that CBD had been proven to repair ruptured discs. I can confirm; the vertebrae in my neck are all clearing each other, which is nothing short of a miracle. I don't know if someday I might be 'cured' by CBD, terpenes and other magic stuff, but I have hope now that I won't die a cripple. That just wasn't true a year ago.

    I think we all need to promote standardized, full-spectrum testing of cannabis; most people just aren't going to go through what I did (or have a 1/4 oz of the good stuff to hold you over while you search for more, similar strains.) Budtenders, bless their hearts, rarely know more than to throw high-THC strains at pain. Being able to see the full array of cannabinoids and terpenes in a strain is the true key to ending Advil's very unhealthy reign over chronic pain.

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