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Are you curious about the healing power of Cannabis? Has a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? Meet Jesse and Isabel from OC Consultants and the Healing Project. In this interview they share the journey that led them to helping so many find healing with the use of Cannabis oil and other healing modalities. If you have a sick pet or loved one find out about the true stories that Jesse and Isabel have witnessed, and if you need more evidence or want to read the testimonials and find a group that will support you in your quest please visit their Facebook page which will be listed below.

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  1. What an amazing interview, I really felt the authenticity and genuine care for others during the whole process working with Jesse and Isabel. I hope that if you know of someone or you yourself are suffering from something that Cannabis could help with you reach out to them and get some guidance to move through it. Be sure to visit their Facebook page and Tino's Youtube page to hear a personal story of beating cancer with Cannabis oil.

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