11 thoughts on “???Black Tie CBD Hemp Flower Review Blueberry Pie???

  1. I'm right with you. CBD is better than THC. some like that head high, but I love to feel relaxed like CBD gives me. Whether I smoke or take it in edible form, I love to take CBD everyday to help me get through the day

  2. So your question too the viewers in regards to loosing lighters. Well, too many times to count lol ? it’s pitiful man! Like, you think it’s in one spot and ends up being in a completely different spot or right in front of your eyes! I subbed btw! Love your content! Keep the flower reviews coming homie!

  3. Like ya Review bro I'm New to the CBD Strains learning about them which one to Try and Buy from

    It looks Easy to Pull Smoke and Smooth

    I ain't smoke in 2Years I use to get Paranoid ASF and Anxiety

    CBD Strains looks like a good for me

    I ain't gonna front I like to get high but I don't like when my mind be Racing if only they have a low THC Level 5% to 7% I would be Good lol

    Imma check Black tie out

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