41 thoughts on “Parents fight for custody after stopping son's chemotherapy l ABC News

  1. This is why Americans are forced to flee the country. Natzi Germany is the new America. Chemotherapy is the most utter and disgusting option…that's how people end up dying. The FDA hasn't even approved it so wtf??????

  2. Why is this news? It's not like they took the kid home and prayed over him asking God to heal him. Or abused the kid. They just decided chemo was to much for their kid and wanted to less his pain and try something more natural. I'm sure if the kid got worse they would probably put him back on chemo

  3. That's a tough situation and I get where the parents are coming from. I try to use natural medicine when I can but I also know when that is not going to cut it for me. cannabis alone is not going to help get rid of his cancer. It would help with a lot of the side effects from the chemo but again would not get rid of his cancer. A lot of people do turn to the person therapy after being on chemo or while they are on it and eventually switch over. I do think chemo is an important part of treatment but also that we sort give it to much credit.

  4. This breaks my heart. If your son desprately needs chemotherapy, why would you stop his treatment? I am having uneasy feelings if they should regain custody of their son. My prayers go out to their son for a speedy recovery. ??

  5. What in the healing beads and doTerra oils is this?! Are these people DENSE???? Leukemia is a cancer on the molecular level! 90% success survival rate..omg..more and more misinformed idiots are born everyday… His hair fell out after the first treatment. Well yeah, that can happen after two weeks. My moms did after two weeks and she said just shave it…so I did. Cancer doesn't automatically mean death. Smh

  6. Reporter at the end like “this opens the door to so many questions: why did the state feel it needed to intervene”- lady you just TOLD US they intervened because the parents denied their critically ill child life-saving treatment. Asked and answered. There’s no gray area. Stop pandering to the radical anti-vaxxer community.

  7. A child's right to live is bigger than a parent's right to parent. Of course they should take the kid away, and if her ever gets better, I think it's best he stays with people who are not so stupid that they think that Marijuana can treat cancer. It can't. Marijuana has never cured anyone of cancer and never will. It can help people who are ill, but it cannot cure cancer. These parents are so stupid they would cause the death of their child.

  8. I’m so sick of governments dictating what we should be doing with our children it’s the parents choice to get a second opinion and to go holistic! Chemo should not be expected or demanded by any government

  9. Every kid should thrive not survive.. with chemo at this young age will he thrive or just survive? If there is a alternative way where you don’t have to go through radiation and chemical poisoning that would be a better choice.. I sympathize with their parents, unfortunately government owns your kids!! How many kids die of malnutrition and insufficient health care.. I don’t think government cares for basic needs!! this is nothing but a publicity stunt by the media to set an example!!

  10. In Louisiana that would be against their religious freedom, laws there would protect them , and several other states. If im not mistaken Florida has a religious freedom restoration act as well ! The Government constitutionally has no right to even question the validity of your religion !

  11. Why is everyone so brainwashed into believing that conventional methods are the ONLY cure? No to mention: cause and effect. Cancer treatments are highly damaging to the body and the body NATURALLY rejects it. Soooo, you survive but then you suffer horribly the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Alternative medicine and natural methods are known to cure also. And WHAT RIGHT should the state or government dictate to what a parent chooses for the well being of their child? That's communism! Uncle Sam is NOT our relative…STAY OUT OF OUR DECISIONS ON HOW TO CARE FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!!

  12. How dare they interfere with corporate profits! 90% efficacy in killing that cancer, 100% efficacy for creating a new cancer. That is the current state of the primitive cancer chemo. At least he's now getting actual medicine that will kill his cancer, defend against the acute toxicity of the chemo, and if continued, will prevent the chemo from creating a new cancer

  13. Big pharma is Enemy of the people. End big pharma. Slaves no more.

    Father God, the Great I AM, Yahweh bless, keep, heal and
    protect your Saints as we pray to bind the evil spirts in high places that have
    deceived the nations.

    We bind the fake news, the socialist
    communist party, the satanic child sacrifice, the sacrifice of our children to baal,
    the CPS and planned parenthood

    Give your Saints your Love, joy, peace,
    patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control as we
    give vengeance to Almighty Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to
    clean out the swamp in our government, the NSA, the house of representatives,
    the senate, the congress, the military, censorship of utub, goog, twit and Hollywood
    and wherever they try to hide.

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