Teenage Boy's Room Tour

He’s pretty classy! Isaiah loved showing off his room. It’s a pretty typical teenage boy’s room tour with a little added class. Our boy is growing up! No more video game posters.

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40 thoughts on “Teenage Boy's Room Tour

  1. Hi Isaiah! Thanks for the grand tour of your room. It's NOT weird at all to collect bottles! You'd be surprised how many people collect bottles, etc. Especially old vintage/antique bottles. I have quite a few myself, actually. And then to go a step further & write on the bottom where you got the "souvenir" is absolutely brilliant! I wish you well in your Senior year!! Make the most of it!!

  2. Isaiah why don’t you cut your bottles into cups & have them for when you have a house… I collect socks also ???‍♀️ mostly Halloween & skull socks, Nike socks & AE socks too lol but you should really look up how to cut the bottles into cups my friend had them & I used to try to walk away & borrow (of course) forever with at least one Heineken “glass” as I was leaving but I always got caught lol freak my life ???‍♀️

  3. Marie kondo those socks! Look up her netflix show. Folding them up made sock organization so much easier for me, you can see bits of every pair so you know what you’re grabbing, and it saves space.

  4. I am older than your parents I have my mom’s brownie. In the process of building a new home so all of my camera’s I have are packed up. I also have my Father in Laws old 35mm camera. Can’t wait to show them off. Proud to see all your art. Being from Jax I love to see my hometown.

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