20 thoughts on “CBD Oil Side Effects and Detox Symptoms

  1. I have sometimes severe migraine attacks a friend of mine recommended me cbd oil and since I started I noted that the ata s became less frequent it didn't go away but the became less frequent and less severe
    second I suffer from heelspur and specialty when going to sleep my heel realy hurts to the point it doesn't let me sleep now I fall asleep within an hour after going to bed

  2. I only took 250 mg and got heavy nausea, diarrhea , and the jitters. To get relief I had to eat ultra strength Tums and Lemons with salt? I only had the recommend amount (one normal size syringe that comes with tinctures, maybe less ) and had this affect. Vapor CBD and marijuana causes me to have nausea and racy heart as well but no diarrhea . I am starting to think that marijuana or CBD are just not something that I can stand when ingesting and can possibly only use it topically

  3. My wife is 6 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and we are strongly considering CBD broad spectrum for her pain. Our first child is healthy and strong. Could ingredients like glycerin be harmful this early in the baby's development?

  4. Do you have to take it daily to get the full benefits? I only want to use it when I have bad anxiety days. I'm doing CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) right now and I'm trying to manage my anxiety on my own and not rely on anything. However I bought some Green Roads CBD oil gummies to carry in my purse in case I'm having a really really bad anxiety day. Any suggestions??

  5. Thank you for explaining the detox symptoms and why they happen. I started slow with the Gold Label (one serving a day) when I added it to the vape shot I’ve been using daily for a few weeks for my autoimmune diseases. Headaches, increased fatigue, and a little nausea after adding the Gold. In just three days, things are improving a little (except the fatigue). After this video I’m hopeful that once I get past this initial phase that things will steadily improve. Joyful expectations! Thank you, Catherine.

  6. It does I took a 1000mg tincture / 0.5 ml of that. I felt horrible. Dizzy, lightheaded, super anxious. I couldn’t do anything but sleep I was having an existential crisis. It’s not a cure all. It’s not for everyone, just like weed. It has the same symptoms just more body high.

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