35 thoughts on “Cannabis Oil Works, Period!

  1. My red nose who looks just like your shorty gained her angel wings today it helped my dog for last 2 yrs of pancreatic cancer i used tinctures as well for her bad hip i find peace in watching her she reminds me of her so much rip giavonni daddy will always love you

  2. Healing my cat with lymphoma using CBD, although he is receiving Chlorambucil. After a little over a month, his blood work came back normal, and his intestine appears clear of the lymphoma. So far, so good.

  3. You stated in your video you got your oil from King Harvest Wellness, but in your description for this video it says to contact Jesse at OC Consultants…as well as the FB page…so which is it? I'm confused. I just ordered from King Harvest for the first time today. Very expensive but they were all SOOO nice and helpful! I have faith that the FECO will work for my baby girl. My Bella was diagnosed on May 18, 2018 with Osteosarcoma in her left distal radius (front leg). Vet gave her 2-4 weeks to live. I took her home and switched her to a raw diet and put her on herbs…haven't taken her to any other specialist since…she's still here- fighting strong like her mama! Can't wait to start the FECO!

  4. Hello from Laguna Niguel,CA
    I have a friend who has been helping people beat Cancer and other aliments with cannabis oil. The THC is a must if you want to live.
    The only side effects you will have is getting the sleep your body needs to heal and getting back your appetite.
    So happy to hear that Shorty is cancer free.
    By the way, Shorty has a hot Daddy!

  5. She's so adorable! The love in her eyes when she looks at you! ? Such a great dad! I've started my staffie on canna-pet to help with her seizures. I'm in the UK so find it hard to get real CBD oil. Can you suggest what ones are best that ship the the UK? Xxx

  6. I just started my dog on rso yesterday. Her size is about the same as Shorty, 17kg. I am unsure on the dosage, some are saying a grain of rice per day, some saying a whole gram per day to beat lymphoma. Can you tell me how much you gave Shorty per day? Please help. Thank you.

  7. Where do I get the oil from? There seem to be loads of Hemp Oils on Amazon but many of the reviews say they are NOT cannabis oil. Can you give me some names of the products that can be used? And what dosage for an 8.5kg dog (Westie). They thought it was lymphoma and then decided it is leukemia.

  8. My dog has been suffering from seizures all her life here and there but recently she just started having clusters meaning she’s having more back to back to back. I knoe cbd oil is good for treating them do you think It would be beneficial to try? I’m not sure how It works with dogs if It could immediately give them relief when having one like It does humans

  9. Can some one help me figure out what kind of oil is needed . Cbd? My dog had a tumor on his testees and I fixed him thinking it was gonna help him out. Now he has new lumps in the same area. I don't want to lose him yet please some one help please and thank yuo

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