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Recently I was contacted by BBC Radio Norfolk to talk about whether or not it is ethical to feed vegan food to pets. I was apprehensive, with it being such a contentious topic, but decided to go ahead. I think I did OK. What do you guys reckon on the subject?

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I’m Paul Kerton. Personal Trainer, Vegan Nutritionist and Public Speaker. Not so long ago, in a misguided attempt to try and grow muscle as quickly as possible, I ended up eating more animal products than probably anyone you’ve ever met. Through research, I came to learn the deleterious effects that eating even quite trivial amounts of animal products has on one’s health and through personal experience, I found that far from being a hindrance to sports performance, a well planned vegan diet is actually optimal! Then with an open heart, I looked at how we treat animals in order for them to end up on our plates and it shook me to the core. I could not believe that for so long I fell for the lies that others tell us, that we tell ourselves, in order that we perpetuate this destructive behaviour. Destructive to ourselves, the beautiful, intelligent sentient beings that are here with us and indeed our planet. To try and put right my part in all of this I was compelled to overcome my fear of being filmed for YouTube and television, appearing on the radio and more recently public speaking. On a spiritual level, I’ve come to realise that my fellow man too is suffering. If I won’t see harm come to a chicken I’ve never met then why would I be unkind to my brothers? If someone is being aggressive or unkind toward me, surely the suffering inflicted on them in the past is simply spilling over? Do I want to add to that, or can I step out of my ego long enough to forgive them and maybe break the cycle of negativity? This former, quick to anger “meat-head” bouncer has been on one transformative journey!

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30 thoughts on “Vegan vs Radio Presenter | Vegan Pets

  1. Both our basset hounds, blood hound, mini dashund and lurcher are vegan and have been for 5 years and they LOVE it. They are on VDog. I recommend it to anyone. All thriving. Our vet is vegan too and always tells us how healthy our babies are ?

  2. I've been vegan 6 years but feed my dog a 75% meat and 25% vegetable diet, because that's what I believe he should be eating. Much better food than what my meat eating friends feed their pets. I know more raw meat pet feeding vegans than I know meat eaters doing that, they generally feed more processed commercial stuff (which is usually 80% ish grains!l). Just goes to show many vegans think about their pets nutrition more than those omnivores looking for any critisicism of vegans.

  3. I have a five month old puppy and i’ve only been vegan for about a month and i just don’t want to risk switching her food. i have four dogs and i can’t bring myself to switch their food when it isn’t what they’re necessarily meant to eat. I have no doubt that what you are doing is what is right for your animals. I adore my dogs more than anything in the world and i hate knowing that animals are still suffering as a result of me buying my dogs food. I think it’s every humans duty to stop the suffering of animals but is risking our own pets health worth more than another’s life. What i’m about to say is probably controversial but i would rather know that an animal has died to make sure my pets are healthy and on their species specific diet than gamble at the risk of losing my dogs or damaging their health.

  4. I think the way you approached this interview was exactly right. Obviously looking at it afterwards you could have been a little harder on his pig flesh meal. But overall great job ??

  5. I have been on essentially a vegetarian diet for several years, but ive been doing some research so I have a few questions. Okay, the claim that confuses me is that meat causes heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. But the more vegan our society gets the more common these diseases become, and vegans are also plauged with these diseases. The only research I've seen on this is government, and the reasearchers say that the results arent enough to conclusively say removing meat makes any difference.

  6. Hey Paul I know I'm a little late on this one but, oh, mate, so so well done! You speak so well extemporaneously and this guy was such a lovely chap that I understand that it probably was tough to take the hard line with him as it does sound like he's trying. But I think all vegans who are primarily ethics based, we can't help but think` and it's become so second nature to us ~ where we just want to keep saying yeah, but that's like saying I only beat my wife twice a week. And while I guess it should be firm, in some instances it might also have to be softly-softly as well, somehow. I did think it was awesome that he did notice how well he felt the next day after eating almost no animal products. I hope he remembers that and stays with it.
    Anyway really really proud of you especially with those pet food questions. Thats a really tough area for all of us especially when our companion animals are cats.❤️??? If I had been a non-vegan listener I would have been so impressed!

  7. Great interview, Hench! ?
    Yeah, the "pet" part is tricky. One thing one can shift focus on is the canned processed junk most people are feeding their companion animals, which even has added taurine, says it all. That plus the human lifestyle diseases they come down.

  8. I have just heard good things about Benevo for Dogs and Cats. To be honest, giving my cat a veterinarian diet did not prolong his life, he died of heart and kidney failure and my veterinarian acknowledged that many cats bodies cannot digest and process the large amounts of meat the vet shops food contains. If only he warned me before hand. That is why some cats are placed on a KD (Kidney Diet) which contains more vegetables and a little meat.
    But what I dont understand is why Little Tyke the historical vegetarian lion who lived on a vegetarian diet for 9 years on which she thrived is NEVER mentioned. I mean a lioness who is at the top of the carnivore chain is the greatest example of a wild animal that can live and thrive on a vegetarian diet.
    There are also many testimonies of vegan cats that are thriving on a vegan diet. Check out the youtube channel of:
    Happy Healthy Vegan
    they feed their 2 cats vegan food on which they are thriving.
    Just like humans that were brought up on believing meat is an essential part of a humans diet (which is total bullocks – humans are herbivores – that we know now) many animals that we thought HAVE to be carnivore can live on a balanced vegan diet.

  9. Great interview! All of our cats are rescues who were here before I became a vegan, and they do eat a carnivorous diet. Our dog is an omnivore, primarily because she has a number of allergies to grains. Now that I'm vegan, I don't plan to keep any new pets once these are gone.

  10. My dog is vegan and thriving. I haven't got a cat but surely if their vegan food has all the nutrients they require then they too can adapt. Evolving is all about change. The animals in factory farms are eating diets they normally wouldn't. So it goes both ways these animals are also being " forced" to eat " unnatural " diets.

  11. One thing about cat food – the store brands most people buy only have a small% of actual meat, it is corn and starches and they add taurine. Not really the right diet either. People see chicken on the can and think it is 100% and it isn't.

  12. You are a fantastic spokesperson for veganism. You give the facts clearly, speak with no judgement, or emotion that can be used against you. You acknowledge the difficulties and conflicts that have to be faced and your answers leave little room for the usual retorts, such as you stressing that for health it must be WFPB. A great interview ?

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