CRISPR Now Tested On Humans & Epstein PROMOTED Transhumanism! | Peck Report Ep. 237

Crispr now being tested on humans, a gene-altering method changing the human genome forever. Also, the latest news on the very controversial Jeffery Epstein.

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10 thoughts on “CRISPR Now Tested On Humans & Epstein PROMOTED Transhumanism! | Peck Report Ep. 237

  1. this treatment would be great for those w/down syndrome and other chromosomal errors.

    the sad reality is: could we trust them not to go further while under their treatment and do something we weren't told about. i don't think so.

    I just bought a book re Transhumanism and Autism… not sure what's there yet…but if they offer some kind of fix for aut…what else are they offering w/that treatment? autism has been produced by tptb for some reason.

    all this tech stuff kinda reminds me of building the wall. is the wall good or bad? truth is, it is used to keep people out and to keep people in….and only those in charge make it whatever they want it to be…. good or evil.

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