Can you reverse kidney disease? How I improved my kidney function

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29 thoughts on “Can you reverse kidney disease? How I improved my kidney function

  1. Thank you for this information video. Since you are on the Keto diet. Having kidney disease you are limited on the amount of protein consumption. How much protein are you consuming in each meal? Could you give an example of a whole of what you eat? Thank you for your time.

  2. Congratulations Karolina! I have been quite upset due to my last 6monthly kidney review with the specialist, as it turned out my cholesterol, blood pressure and creatnen had increased. No surprise as my diet was poor the 6-12months prior, and i gained 5-8 kgs of fat. Leaving the most recent review 3 weeks ago, I started a strict healthy diet and have lost 5kgs. My blood pressure has also improved somewhat compared to what it was prior to commencing the diet. I saw my specialist again this week, and he was happy and surprised i lost 5kgs in just 3 weeks from all the exercise and strict dieting. There are still a few more tests i require to do in the next few weeks such as 24hr urine for the creatnen as it had increased in my last review, but I’m praying and hoping it has improved with addressing my diet and lifestyle now, but guess i will find out in the next few weeks once i redo the tests… I am on 46% function, have been fluctuating around the range for a number of years stage 3. Your video has helped me to stay persistent on my new diet, to continue doing the best i can within my control to stay healthy, and now also to have faith from your positive story, to live the life i had always hoped and prayed for with my new born son and family ???? thank you for sharing your story and God Bless.

  3. There are new findings on drinking a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water or too much water can damage even more your kidneys because you overcharge them.
    I wouldn't recommend drinking a lot of water but to drink the right water. Water wiht a good structur which is able to clean your kidney. It is said that drinking warm water is very helpful for your kidneys. So why don't try out?

  4. Hello, I'm glad you're doing better! I think have some kind of kidney problem myself. But I haven't done any tests for it, doctors keep telling me that you should have pain and dark urine before you have a problem with kidneys. It's so frustrating, did you urine color change and did you have any pain?

  5. No stage 4 you will not be started on Dialysis. You have to be stage 5 with a GFR of 14% or less. You have to be stage 5 to be declared ESRD ( end stage renal disease). If you are declared ESRD and are on Dialysis you can start the process of trying to get on the transplant list. I am a nephrology RN and have taken care of renal patients for over 10 years.

  6. Hi Karolina, good video. May I share a tip with you? You should approach your doctor to get that mole on your chest removed using "Cryo Therapy". Essentially, they spray it with liquid nitrogen. 12 Days later it will drop off and the skin behind it rolling forward will be nice, healthy and pink. It will eventually fade to match the rest of the skin tone.

  7. My mother was
    hypertensive and diabetic. She was taking allopathic medicines for this. Due to
    their long term usage, her kidneys got damaged. We went to so many hospitals.
    Dialysis was started and kidney transplant was the only option left to us. We
    do not want to go for it. One day I was surfing for the internet, suddenly saw
    Planet Ayurveda add, opened the link and ordered Revive kidney care pack. My
    mother is taking the medicines and she is fine now.

  8. Awesome video
    Thank you for sharing. One question (symptom wise) did you notice your eyes getting puffy, dark discoloring, baggy or watering? Also your blood pressure? And bad breath or bad taste in mouth?

    Thank you for answering.

  9. Don't let the Dr's tell youth your kidneys can't improve. I ended up in Hospital in a coma for a couple of weeks. When I woke up my kidneys had totally failed and I was put on Dialysis for a total of 4 months. I was diagnosed a having Lupus Nephritis. Slowly over 2 months my kidneys regained function and have been normal now in excess of 7 years. Positive thinking and a will to survive can work wonders. After being on dialysis for 4 months I don't know how people deal with having to do it for years on end. You can get better, I am living proof.

  10. There are two kinds of doctors one group is healers and another group is killers and these killers are killing their patient’s kidneys first with the fucking unnecessary medications and tests MRI or Catheterizations using different kind of poisons like gadolinium. And this two group of doctors both are doing for the money

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