BREAKING NEWS! Trump to INITIATE Third Temple In 2019 | Peck Report Ep.236

Is President Trump advocating the building of a new third temple? Also, the people from the right-wing watch are attacking Daily Renegade? Watch now to find out what is going on.

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35 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS! Trump to INITIATE Third Temple In 2019 | Peck Report Ep.236

  1. If you can read Isaiah 53 and conclude that he is talking about Israel, then you're successfully brainwashed and fully capable of lying to yourself and to others.
    It's like saying Enoch is one of the two witnesses and then take a Bible verse out of context and say man has to die once. Instead of honestly admitting that this verse refers to having to die FOR OUR SINS. But Jesus did that for us.

    Anyway, a lot of people are willingly ignorant, i think.

  2. A covenant with many nations…that restores the Judaic sacrifice system…only to be demolish by a guy some time later…that sounds A LOT like Daniel….I do not think it is a good idea to support this in any way…..I am all for the Jews having freedom but that sounds of this kind of covenant plus the fact the Noahide laws permit them to chop your head of if you claim Jesus is messiah, really not down with that. I am all for Jews having freedom but not at the expense of a bunch of Christians being butchered.

  3. Why should any Christian support any other nation that does not believe in Jesus Christ? What business does any Christian have trying to play world policemen? Why can't Christians hear what Jesus said Pick up your own cross rather than imagine we should meddle in the politics of other heathen countries? We were told to go preach the gospel but not to go pay money to them,, or try to force them to follow any kind of so called democratic government. We were told to BE YE SEPARATE, rather than try to meddle in everybody else.s business. There are some good jews just like there are some good Americans that are not jewish but the enemy of every nation are the people in their own country (house) The leaders like to paint other nations as the enemy so as to have their ignorant public overlook their own mistakes by blaming other nations for their own failed policies.

  4. My latest bone scan is at a T-3.3 and I live with excruciating pain. Doctors want to put me on Fosomax or other similar pharma meds which have A LOT of BAD side effects like organ failure and death. So, I'm curious, Josh, what do you take to rebuild your bones? Or is your disease so rare that there is nothing you can take to improve your situation?

  5. Josh. smh. You're not qualified to do the news nor give your own opinion. Did you read what I just wrote? You're not even qualified to give your own opinion! You have (some) knowledge but you don't know what to do with it. YES! People are helping the return of Satan by supporting the building of the 3rd Temple! Your reasons are not even wimpy at best. Good grief. Please stop. Just stop putting your show on. Your sounding like a fake believer. You don't even know where you stand. You think you do and I see you struggle. Please, go educate yourself in the Word of YHWH before you hurt more people. People are already lost, they don't need you (the blind) leading them. Seriously, spend a ton of time in the Word AND WITH YHWH before you attempt this again. You're edging on being a false teacher.

  6. I am a born-again believer and have read the Bible cover to cover multiple times. I don't see where you get the idea that building the third temple is a sin! The "abomination of desolation" that will be done by the anti-christ, is him desecrating a holy temple built to worship the God of the Bible. I really enjoy a lot of your videos, but when you speak against the daily sacrifice that will be reinstituted, you are putting yourself in the position of AGREEING WITH THE ANTI-CHRIST! Read "Great Joy in Great Tribulation" by Jim Searcy. Jesus Himself will build another temple – see Zech.6:12. Also, the last 8 chapters of Ezekiel talk about daily sacrifices being done during the millennium. The temple and the sacrifices are godly, the anti-christ is the one who stops the sacrifices and desecrates the temple.

  7. Its not anti semetic. Its the jews who say they are jews but actually practice Kabbalah aka the synogag of satan ……which is probably a very small percentage , but that small group is in control of israel's politics, and without Jesus the honest jews will easily be decieved by the kabbalistic jews

  8. i don't stress on any Bible prophecy being fulfilled i am just overjoyed at seeing them converging so fast… yes it looks to me like it is a literal temple just look around! i would love to see the corner stone placed tomorrow! MARANATHA!!! it is His Word not mine and it will ALL happen! we are going home VERY soon!

  9. Here in Revelation
    The temple is called the temple of God.


    Revelation 11

    King James Version Large Print Bible

    1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein

  10. I think supporting freedom is fine, but being a full force trying to make it happen by supporting it financially and pushing for it to get Jesus to make His move is way off and extreme. But also being against any peoples is just as wrong and extreme.

  11. American Christians have no place rebuilding a temple in Isreal just for them to continue sacrificing and denying Christ as the true sacrifice. If they want it, they can build it themselves. Nobody here in the US is oppressing Isreal…

  12. I am for the third temple only bc that means my King is coming back for us!! If it is wrong to love seeing prophecies fulfilled then please tell me some verses that tell me it is not ok to want these things come to pass

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