Rincoe Tix AIO Pod Vape Review

Mike Vapes 32

In this review i show the new Tix Pod aio vape by Rincoe

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32 thoughts on “Rincoe Tix AIO Pod Vape Review

  1. Never been a big fan of pods. They've just never looked like a good fit for me. But, I gotta say, the way you showed all the nooks and crannies in this pod. I'm definitely thinking about grabbing this and giving it a try. Keep up the awesome work, bud.

  2. Great review Mike!! Nice lookin Lil device & so far the couple of vapes I've had from Rincoe have been good! However when it comes to AIO devices I believe I'll be waiting on the Horizon tech Magico pod that looks like an Orion style device. Plus I really been diggin the Asvape Micro so that's the 2 I really want!!✌?

  3. Is there an RBA section for this? also was wondering if you'll be reviewing the vapefly jester AiO? That's supposed to have a rebuildable atomizer.. I'll stick with my recurve dual RDA on top of the arcless mech mod ???

  4. side looks nice, nice design with the artwork and the stainless accents…but the front where the charger is, looks very cheap. they should have continued the design, for example a stainless ring around the adjustbutton…

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