24 thoughts on “Medterra CBD 1000 mg (2 week review)

  1. plants arecool. Your comparison of the Medterra's effects vs the CBDistillery's says that the former gives you a fogginess and the latter doesn't. But that is based on its trace THC vs Medterra's 0% THC. But CBDistillery now has a THC free version. Could you please, please do a comparison of both brands' THC free strains for us? I am very interested in purchasing a totally THC free version and am debating between both brands, so the apples to apples comparison would be just what is needed. But we really do appreciate all your detailed videos of your results. Thanks again.

  2. I tried Medterra cream abd it had Eucalyptus in it too and made my Neuropathy worse. I asked for full spectrum oil and the head shop guy told me Medterra was full spectrum. He was wrong. I took the cream back.

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