Guinea Pig Pet CBD Yes or No?

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Metacam or Tramadol are the preferred pain killers in guinea pigs but I have never really seen a guinea pig get significant relief from either one of those drugs. That is the reason I started searching for an alternative. Arthritis is extremely painful for guinea pigs and those afflicted badly will prefer to sit in one spot and not move unless there is food involved. I have also seen what I can only describe as muscle atrophy in the back legs of some of those pigs. They must be miserable.
So CBD works within 10 minutes and can have quite stunning results. The effect can be seen best in those pigs that are extremely reluctant to move.
I have used it successfully as a general pain killer and have seen animals go from dull eyed with a puffy coat to bright eyed and bushy tailed in a matter of minutes. A common feedback appears to be that in a matter of minutes the light goes back in the eyes and a sparkle in the eye is observed. I have personally observed this again and again as well. I would say this is a good indication it is working.
I think you can visually see the effect in about 50% of animals. And again the worse the pain the most noticeable the effect.
I have had some feedback from people that have used it successfully for nervous animals, sows with hormonal aggressive behavior (usually those with cysts or other reproductive issues).
A pig straining to pass stool due to arthritis in the lower spine did not show much discomfort after application.
It increased appetite in approximately 65% of reluctant eaters due to illness or pain.

​What did we learn?
I have been using CBD since June this year so very much still learning and testing but so far I can honestly say that the CBD has been quite miraculous. It appears to work extremely well on guinea pigs. Don’t worry about the THC content because is is negligible. Most reputable CBD companies have test reports on each one of their products that will break down the contents.
​People or Pet CBD? It is my understanding that it is all the same just a different sticker on a different bottle. And as far as strength goes, you cannot overdose on the stuff so just go for the highest strength.
Saskia Chiesa, Director of Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue


29 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Pet CBD Yes or No?

  1. Hey Saskia, I have the CBD Gel Pen now (thanks a whole bunch for the speedyness to Australia by the way!) But I was wondering if you have any recommendation for an anti-inflammatory treatment? Or would the Gel Pen also assist in this? I've tried reading a bit more online but am not finding much that gives me a good indication apart from Metacam which my senior doesn't react well too.

  2. Hi Again Saskia, I'm going to purchase the CBD gel pen (again, thanks so much for your awesome informative videos because I never would have thought of this as an option). My nearly 7 year old has been given Metacam as a pain relief for the tumors/masses growing in his lungs (he's currently still doing great though). Do you treat your piggies with both Metacam and CBD at all? Or do you remove the Metacam and replace entirely with the CBD?

  3. Love this. Just like I thought – I had questions about CBD for guineas, just typed it into the channel's search bar, and low and behold – everything I ever needed to know! Even where to buy it. 🙂 Thank you again and again!

  4. I just ordered this gel pen on Amazon through your link! The next day, I went to add another one to my order, and the it's gone ? I'm not sure why, but it's not available on Amazon anymore. My girl's are going on 4 years old and it definitely seems to make them feel better.

  5. Saskia, I have used CBD oil for my elderly dog who had a brain tumor by adding it to her food and it helped her with her seizures and anxiety before she passed. Now I use the cream and ointment to treat the guinea pigs and pet rats that I take in as rescues, and it helps so much. Thank you for all that you do. I learn so much from you. ❤️

  6. I have 3 piggies and bought the pen and while I love it, it costs $40 for 50 applications and for my elderly piggy that’s about 3-4x a day so 10 days worth. I want to keep her on that bc it does work, however; my other two piggies I want to use on them as well for general anxiety and well being so I’ve been researching other CBD creams and oils and I have found that they contain grape seed oil…Is grape seed oil okay for go to have (orally or topically)?

  7. Hi saskia, I have a 2 month old guinea pig. Lately I’ve been noticing that she closes on eye more often than the other one. When I hold her I look at her to see if it’s her blinking but it’s not. The left eye slowly starts closing. Do you think maybe she could have a piece of hay in it? I’m worried that it might be hurting her eye. I’ve tried checking her eye myself but I can’t find anything

  8. I tryed to odder some but unfortunately they wont deliver to my address 🙁 I no were I can get some CBD oil for dogs here but I am not shore if that will be any good for my piggy What do you think could I still put it on the ear or would it be better to put in there mouth ? The thing I am wored about is dosage it would be heard to tell how much to give a little pig compared to a day . But all that saed I realy do wont to try it I have heard nuthing but good things about CBD for pet's .

  9. Saskia, can you please do a video on what to do when your guinea pig is actively dying. I have had 2 guinea pigs die at home that I took to the vet. Both were at end of life but if they send you home and you watch them decline and then die. I don’t know if they are suffering and what I should do when the vet is now closed. Please educate us on this. My Rocky was sent home 8 hours ago with meticam, he was dying when I took him in. All I could say was he isn’t moving, eating, or acting himself and I think he is dying. I hope he wasn’t suffering, watching him slowly die all day has been so hard, his body changed so fast and lastly his breathing. His body had jerky movements and his lower body was stiff and cold. It was so awful. He was probably 6 years old. I just need to know if we are suppose to demand that they be put down, expected to go from vet to vet to get help, or is what I described to be expected. If so what can we do to make it better if that’s possible.

  10. Thanks saskia. I had ordered the CBD gel pen after watching one of your videos. Not that we had any problems, but just to have on hand. Before it came in we started noticing some blood spots in the fleece. We weren't sure who was coming from. Then one day Coco seemed really lethargic and wasn't eating much. So we suspected that it was her. The next day she seemed even more subdued. We were becoming extremely worried. But the CBD gel arrived! I applied some on her ears as you showed in the video. Within an hour she came out of her pigloo and was actually taking interest in food. The next day she was much, much better and had passed part of some sort of big tumor or something which I discovered when cleaning her cage. Later, she got the rest of it out, evidently, and has been great since. I'm not implying that the CBD had anything to do with her passing the tumor(?), but I don't think she would have survived if she stopped eating for too long. Thanks again ?

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