Sunday Scaries ?CBD Smoothie (2019 CBD Oil Recipe)

We love smoothies- what could be simpler than chucking your favorite fruits together in a blender? Be prepared to up your smoothie game with the addition of one extra ingredient- CBD. All the great taste of your favorite smoothie combined with the benefits of CBD makes for a healthy, tasty combination that we’re sure you’ll be making again and again.

We’re using Sunday Scaries CBD Oil for ours. As a full-spectrum CBD oil it’s fantastic for dealing with inflammation and is a go-to for us when we need something for recovery after an intense work-out session. Combine your favorite smoothie ingredients, add your preferred CBD dosage and blitz. That’s it. You get none of the oily residues found when trying to combine the liquid with CBD oil- just great flavors in one convenient, post-workout smoothie.

We found that the 500mg strength Sunday Scaries CBD Oil works best- all the best properties of CBD, with none of the aftertaste. While we love CBD in our food, it’s unique flavor profile works best with savory dishes. Combining it with fruit works wonders, and you could be forgiven for not even realizing you’re getting an additional dose of CBD goodness. These smoothies take no time at all to make, and you’re only limited to your own personal tastes when it comes to creating one that works best for you. Check out the video to see what our favorite combinations are!

⭐️Sunday Scaries is one of the top brands in the industry.

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What’s your favorite CBD Oil Recipe?

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