13 thoughts on “Lily the Pug – *after* CBD oil treatment

  1. Dosage I use is for my 10 lb dog…. .02 ml to .04 ml. and you can buy small syringes from your pharmacy. That is about 15 drops from the bottle I have and I started her on that thinking I would adjust upwards but I haven’t had to. It won’t hurt to give a little more. Am giving her that dose every 12 hours or twice a day. Some people give every 9 hours. I finally found a place I trust it’s Alamo Botanicals in New Braunfels, Texas and I get the 125 mg bottle. The Gruene WItch (not really a witch) makes herbal products and she knows they are actually using CBD oil from hemp. There are a lot of fakes out there. Wish we had legal marijuana in Texas but we don’t yet. Don’t get hemp oil its different from CBD oil from hemp, I know that sounds confusing but it’s true. They charge $25.00 for a months supply at the rate I’m using it. You might notice a difference in a few days. I’m about to sound like a know it all now so please don’t take offense… I had to give up Starbucks and that is saving me more than I need. I bought Anthony’s organic coffee on amazon (I’m not endorsing and not related to anyone I’m suggesting) and didn’t think I would like it because it’s ground so fine but now I won’t go back. My dog gets her CBD oil and I’m getting a healthier coffee. Hope this helps.. 15 – 25 drops per every 10 lbs. I am not a vet and am still learning about CBD oil so welcome advice.

  2. thank you for your truth your pets is healed ..thank god for giving us healing from the earth hemp cbd oil and also cannabis thc cbd oil and there is also bitter apricot seeds gods healing from herbs seeds plant trees seeds ..praise god Amen

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