43 thoughts on “Legal CBD Oil. Why no hype?

  1. I've tried CBD oil and it seems to work well enough with me. I suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. I smoked when I reached my all time low. Unfortunately, I was unaware of how quick it can add up money wise. I stopped smoking and I took a break away from everything that I could be addicted to (gave me time to think) and I did some research. Apparently, the best oil is made by yourself. You can find tutorials online (on YT as well). I cannot condone nor do any of this for legality purposes. However, if anyone is suffering, why not at least go to a place where it's legal and try (the proper dosage) of any hemp product. I got rid of my energy drink addiction (drinking 2-3 a day in a couple weeks and I didn't have so much as a headache). So yes I definitely support anything cbd, although I recommend going to a smoke/vape shop or trusting the source that you get it from. Bless you all and hope this helps!

  2. I just found out about this literally 3 days ago. Started googling for reviews to find a reputable company and just like you 98% of the reviews are from the companies themselves and your video was done 2 years ago still no REAL REVIEWS, if so very few or seems like they are PAID REVIEWS. I'm SHOCKED just like you WHY AREN'T people ALL OVER THIS ONE!!!! Totally CONFUSED!!!!!!!! I need it for chronic pain. Hate using pharmaceuticals.

  3. Hi Technoblix. I am recently re-introduced to weed as I quit smoking it in 1980. So after 35 years of not smoking I am forced to try the new CBD oil because of RELENTLESS muscle spasms in my back. I sometimes don't sleep for weeks (No exaggeration). My question is this; has it helped any acquaintances with muscle spasms? and can you suggest any particular brand/vendor to buy it from legally? Thank you.-Paul

  4. I was told i could put the 420vapejuice right in my smok mod using my smok king atomizer. I also wanted to know do you get high or does it resemble weed in anyway. You seem like a good dude but this video informed me as much as a wall could. Only diff is a wall can't upload a video to youtube.

  5. Dose this stuff ' CBD ' really work?

    Do something I didn't do. Research. Research. Research!
    I threw money out the window, when I bought my first bottle.

    Make dang sure its grown and processed in the U.S.A.

    It took around two hours for it to start working, for me.
    I have zero metabolism ;(
    And way too much body fat!

    I'm weak from not being able to do very much, if anything!
    And I am Pain Free!

    I'm finding I want to get the ““ up and move.
    It's a Miracle, for ME…………………………………………………….

  6. @ tecnoblix, I made a Hugh mistake today.

    I bought a bottle of organic extra virgin cannabis oil at our local health food store. It also says CBD Rich.Made by Regalabs. http:http://www.regalabs.com I don't know if the hyperlink will work on here or not. I just wanted you to look at this so called website!
    It says on the bottle it's cold pressed 100% organic hemp oil. 100mg. BCD Rich!

    It is 100% garbage!
    Their website is even a joke plus they will Not answer their phone number that's on the bottle.
    It's drippy thin! Plus tasteless!

    I asked the store owner what carrier oil was in it and she said olive oil! I thought, WOW! COOL!

    I sent them a email and told them I want a refund. Ha-Ha jokes on my dime!!!!

  7. @ Tecnoblix,

    I also wonder why the internet is not blowing up about this!
    I hurt from too many health issues to list and bore you with.

    I just took my first dose of Delta Botanicals. It is 1,000mg.
    This is where I'm confused.

    You said the one you have is 45%, correct?
    Tecnoblix, can you help me understand the difference between, MG and %?

  8. If someone made a video of taking a drug test before any CBD is consumed and Vaped CBD for a week at high levels and passed sales would skyrocket. That's holding a lot of us back from feeling comfortable and confident in Vaping CBD. Please some more make video of this and use all kinds of drug test like test used by government employees and Truck drivers. Please share this.

  9. im gonna put my little green army guys all over and around that barbie house. then I'm gonna use my suction cup dart gun to shot them all down. ill make sure the ninja pirate airborne rangers are cleared from the house so Barbie will be safe.

  10. this is I'm about taken on the gov in Ohio. Help me get the that unknown info I need to push release it to us even though itslegal. what else you got,. I need this video to prove my case. I am not a lawyer but this my life they messing with ion top of the MS killed my dreams and all the things/people and 14 yr marriage. This is killing me. I have to fight this1

  11. Don't know if you've found a better place or price, but I would recommend you look in your local vape shops for it.(Even tho back east is still behind on vaping) One of the local shops I got to has 1000mg 30ml for $124

  12. I just found out about CBD's this this week. I've always wondered why they hadn't extracted the parts of the marijuana that help, totally apart from the THC, and make them into pill form or whatever form. Like I said, I just found out about CBD this week. My first reaction when I found out was your's exactly, why no hype about it? I will be ordering for my wife pretty soon, she has lupus and fybro.

  13. It's the THC (Primarily) that has the anti cancer properties.

    Charlottes web is very high in CBD but has all the components in Cannabis as it has not gone through a process to isolate the CBD
    Hemp, Cannabis, Marijuana are all the same ..

  14. I was very excited when it was legalized and ordered some but never received it. I also noticed real reviews where not present. I have yet to try again because I don't trust the quality control or that the amounts are actually correct. Also the legal everywhere CBD is from hemp and not from Cannabis Indica (Psychoactive). I just have a difficult time swallowing the price especially with very little way to know I'm getting what I pay for.

  15. CBD has a lot of great benefits as many of you will know from watching many videos, reading any blog posts and or just doing some research in general. If you're looking for a great product to use then I suggest that you take a look a Canabidol! Just click this link to start browing at the many products Canabidol has to offer or even just look at some of the blog posts. https://canabidol.com/?ba=34&cmid=25 I am a brand ambassador for Canabidol so feel free to ask me any qiuestions about their CBD Products!

    I hope all of you can gain benefits from CBD but please remember to do your own research first as suppliers of CBD aren't allowed to promise any benefits as it is sold as a food supplement and not as medicine! Also I would advise you to talk to your doctor/GP about CBD before taking to see whether it would counteract with any medication you're already taking. It also shouldn't have to affect your diet so you can take CBD as normally as you would go about everyday.

  16. dude your awesome,and spot on.i just purchased some green roads cbd crumble from my local head shop.amaized to realise that the cbd in my headshop is the same cbd in dispensaries in legal states.the girl said they just started selling it a week ago.but I'm so confused as to why I'm just finding this out for myself.its like marijuana without an actual high just snuck it's way into every single state,and people on the streets are getting arrested for basically the same stuff.but its okay for the headshop to sell it

  17. Im a consultant for Earth Science tech. I distribute high purity cold pressed bcd oil. make sure you test the purity of the product you buy. i can be reached at 954-306-1980 if you would like a promo code for a discount. Dave

  18. @tecnoblix I live in Cali. cbd extracted from hemp 100% legal but……. cbd extracted from cannabis has 206 other cannabinoids. Charlotte's Web is a low THC high cbd from cannabis not help. night and day. the price of cannabis cbd is even higher. pound of hemp goes for a 10th of a pound of cannabis. these companies are ripping off people who don't know the difference. that e-liquid read close. It always has a dose mg. 45mg not 45%. 1 gram of cbd is a 1000mg of cbd now go look at price it's shocking. But cannabis cbd has much more effectiveness than industrial hemp.

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