PLUGPlay THC Vape Pods Review

Papa Shain 13

In this video we review this THC pod system called PLUGPlay. These come in full gram pods and hit hard! This was my first time smoking on one of these PLUGPlay’s so it’s a good first impression. The oil is a very good quality and has an amazing taste to it. I got the strain Apple Slushie from their Exotics line of the pods. I definitely recommend you give this a try if you are able to!
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13 thoughts on “PLUGPlay THC Vape Pods Review

  1. I had that exact plug play strain and battery and left it in a cabin in a camping resort over here in Cali I was so fucking pissed at my self for forgetting, the stoner life ?? also only had it for 2 days and never seen it again after that Lmao

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