Can Your Dog Overdose From Pure CBD Oil

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CBD oil has been all the rage lately. People are beginning to uncover the magic of CBD and all of its incredible, natural healing properties. Unlike many new discoveries, research regarding CBD and its benefits, as well as side effects, have not involved many animal studies. Most of the participants of research on CBD side effects have been people and rats.
Something to keep in mind, however, is that cats, dogs, and people have very similar immune systems, brain pathways, and internal organ functioning. These minorly different though incredibly similar commonalities mean that people parallel cats and dogs more than you might have previously thought.

On a similar note, people respond to CBD in the same way that dogs and cats do, meaning the outcomes of research and studies focused on people’s use of CBD can be applied to the reactions that pets have to CBD. But the question still remains: is CBD safe for your dogs and cats?

As a pet owner, your biggest concern when it comes to your cat or dog is always their safety. It can be scary to think about introducing something new to your pet without knowing everything there is to know about the product, especially when it comes to CBD oil.

In order to release the hesitation and fear associated with trying CBD oil for cats and dogs, we suggest staying up-to-date on the latest findings and most current information. After all, there is already such a discrepancy between what people believe about CBD oil for pets and what is actually true of the substance.

How do you know if your pet will react positively to CBD oil? Well, you will never truly know until you give it a try, but our article will leave you calmer and more assured if you opt into CBD oil for dogs and cats. First, let’s dive into CBD oil and what it really is, and then we can talk more about the side effects of CBD on dogs and cats.

The biggest bonus of CBD oil is that there are very few canna pet side effects involved. Even better, nothing about CBD oil is fatal. An extremely high dose of CBD oil won’t lead to accidental death, simply due to the nature of CBD

Increased levels of fatigue and sudden exhaustion
Uncharacteristic tiredness during daily activities
Drowsiness and loss of total muscle control
A decrease in paw-eye coordination
Thirst levels increase due to dry-mouth effects of CBD oil
Slower heart rate as CBD oil sets in and body calms down

Essentially, CBD oil can cause your pet to feel sleepier than usual. This might just mean that you should give them a lower dose of CBD oil next time. Also, if your dog or cat is not feeling particularly anxious, rowdy, or ill on a given day, the CBD oil will affect them more, making them even more tired. It’s a process of trial-and-error, but hopefully, it comforts you to know that there aren’t any detrimental side effects of Cbd oil for pets.

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