What's in the box?! Vape Juice Review: Main Street Vapor, High Class Vapor unboxing


There are boxes. Boxes full of vape juice. What vape juice is in the box? How will I find out what e-liquid lies within those carboardy walls? WELL, this video might give you just a little insight into what could potentially lie within those corrugated, boards of card. A fine selection of vape juices is what Chris and Ian review in this video. We hope that this video finds you stocked piled with all of the e-liquid that your heart could desire. If you’re lacking in the juice in any way at all, well ya dingus, click on the link for more info on the original vaping family! http://bit.ly/317kV8e and use this code for a discount on your first box: 10ZBYOUTUBE

And here’s the e-liquid that we review in this video:

Light Tobacco by Smokester: http://bit.ly/2YxY5ZZ

Butter Pecan by Mr. Nice Cream: http://bit.ly/31bfkxM

Urban Lights by Main Street Vapor: http://bit.ly/31bqend

Guilty Pleasure by High Class Vape: http://bit.ly/2YyxtrP

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