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Hey guys! Today I talk about using CBD oil on your skin and how it works.

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  1. I used to use tea tree oil on pimples but they dont do shit so when i saw cbs helps acne i was like yeah right, but i tried it bec i hate my inflamed skin and dude,in tellig you, the 2nd day, my acne dried out, like the the pus filled pimple just became a red dot! I love it so much! But since its expensive i just put it on places where i have redness to calm them down. Also one other thing i used to use to relieve redness on my skin is the steroid i get from my dermatologist when i break in hives due to my egg allergies. But that doesnt dry pimples.

    Also i couldnt stop staring at your jaws!!! U have the most amazing jawline ever??i have non existent jawlines im so jellyy

  2. Dr Dray,
    Could you do a follow up video talking about CBD oil versus hemp seed oil (which has little to no CBD), since they are two different products and are often confusing for consumers. Eg. Does hemp seed oil have the same benefits as CBD when applied topically? Many Hemp beauty products are not being labelled properly, and consumers can't tell if they have CBD or not.

  3. It's fascinating to see / to learn / to ponder / to wonder about all of the new things coming out in skincare. One of my biggest hopes in this area is stem-cell research. Have you addressed anything on stem-cell research? (Thank you, too, for you enthusiasm and dedication to your YouTube channel. It is much, much appreciated.)

  4. 2 years ago I had all my hair and then several patches became apparent and within one month I had lost all my hair all over my head and body. Since then my skin seems to have got dry and it seems like I am losing elasticity in my skin is there anything you could recommend thank you

  5. Applying it to the skin will just react with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin its really not getting into your blood stream.  CBD has also showed some benefits with fighting acne as well.  Creams and balms have been developed to make it even more effective

  6. Hello Dr. Dray! Does it help to take CBD oil internally or/and externally for treatment alopecia areata? Please make a film about what is new and promising in dermatology to treat this nasty disease (steroid creams, minoxidil etc?) Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us so generously??

  7. I don't think CBD oil is the same thing as Hemp Seed Oil… I could be mistaken, but the two aren't interchangeable, last I researched. My question in a previous video was regarding regular Hemp Seed Oil (I use Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Unrefined Hemp Oil) and its affects on skin and skin health in general. I don't have a real skin routine (other than washing with Dr. Bronner's castile soap morning and night and moisturizing with Hemp Oil afterwards). But I've been attempting to research lately (more like getting lost and confused in this ever-expanding world of skin health and skincare routines) to figure out what is best for my skin and what type of products/routine to adopt (I'm also Vegan, so that alone eliminates many product options out there – making my search even more overwhelming!)

    My main concern is I've been noticing broken veins/capillaries appearing on my cheeks, under my eyes and on other random spots of my face the last few months and I'm trying not to freak out about it. Lol. I know laser treatments and the like are recommended for such issues, but that requires heaps of money which the common person does not have, so I'm left trying to at the very least search for a care routine that may prevent them getting worse or perhaps improve the ones that are already making themselves known. I was told Hemp Oil aids in overall skin health, so I was curious as to what you know regarding this! Thanks a bunch for your helpful and informative content! 🙂

  8. Dr Dray, thank you for such amazing, informative and educational videos! I wanted to ask you about Vitiligo. I've had it sense I was a kid and now I'm in my 30s. when we lived over seas my grandma used to take me to a doctor and I remember he would put some sort of liquid alcohol like on it to keep it from spreading. I have vitiligo under my arm that's been there for years and hasn't spread. Just recently I've noticed some spots on my legs I'm so afraid it will spread. I was reading some info on it online and alot of people were saying Xeljanz (I believe it's for arthritis) works for vitiligo. What's your intake on vitiligo. I've visited so many dermatologists, apparently theres no treatment. I have a hard time believing theres no treatment.

  9. Has their been any research into the use of CBD for treating sebaceous hyperplasia? I was curious as to the effects on the oil glands. I have dry skin and after menopause have developed sebaceous hyperplasia without other acne. I have had some minor relief with some lighter chemical peels, but certainly I think this is more due to the effects on the outer skin, rather than addressing the glands themselves. I would like to know your thoughts in this!

  10. I take it systemically and it helps to reduce feelings of anxiety/stress. The dosage is 1000mg per bottle and I take about 2-4 droppers daily (4 if I'm having a bad day). As it's non-psychoactive its very difficult to discern any positive "effects" from the oil, but I notice I am not as stressed. I also have rosacea so perhaps it is reducing the frequency of my flushing psychologically, or perhaps it is reducing inflammation. I'm not sure but it is definitely helpful.

    Also interesting to note, CBD and THC when combined in ratios have an entourage effect. I've noticed this with a vaporizer cartridge that I used containing 1% THC (in Canada, Montréal where it is legal). I swear to you Dr. Dray I drank a glass of a red wine but didn't flush at all when using the vaporizer prior. Will have to try it again to see if it was just a fluke, though! In any case I'm glad dermatologists aren't overlooking it – I really think it has the potential in the future to be an anti-acne agent as well as part of rosacea treatment. I would like if some brand could suspend the oil in a type of moisturizer that isn't so… crunchy. That is to say something hypoallergenic sans fragrance/other oils. Going back to the red wine story, no rebound redness as well.

  11. Would you check out the brand Cannasmack and their Luxe skincare line? None of their products contain CBD or THC, they are completely legal and not "medicated", their thing is hemp oil and they tout the benefits of that as one of their major central ingredients. I think the few products I've tried are quite nice, but I still have much to learn. I LOVE their lip balms. Anyway, I'd love to know what you'd think of this indie brand and their choice to largely promote the benefits of hemp.

  12. Thank you so much Dr Dray! ❤ I have been looking at these CBD oils popping up on sites lately (can I smell a 2019 "CBD-oil-in-everything" trend incoming? ?) and I have been wondering how it compares to for instance, Rosehip oil. The itch relief is a very interesting addition and I will recommend this to my members of my family with eczema acting up now during winter to try out as a complement.
    Your knowledge is really a goldmine for the rest of us mere mortals lost in PR campaigns and false claims companies make on daily a basis. Again, thank you so much for sharing! ❤

  13. Dr. Dray, thank you for this video! CBD oils are popping up in pharmacies and boutiques in Pittsburgh, and I have been so curious about the skincare slant. There's a local company that is making their own skin care blends with CBD oil, and anecdotal evidence (customer feedback via before & after photos) points to decreased acne, etc.

  14. As a Lupus patient CBD has become a life saver for my skin and those random aches and pains. Doc says it doesn't interfere with my treatment plan and I feel like my pharmaceuticals just work better because overall I'm more stable. In Texas, I love John's CBD and Holistic Xtracts. I have a friend that swears by HempWorx and my brother in law uses Charlottes Web.

  15. Dr Dray a lot of sunscreens in the UK don’t say broad spectrum but they do say UVA and UVB coverage- is this the same as meaning broad spectrum so will be ok to use? Have seen a chemical banana boat kids one today that says UVA/UVB , SPF 50 . Many thanks

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