5 thoughts on “Strawberry – Get Hemp Review 20% CBD UK Legal

  1. great vid bro addressing the hemp hash thats deffo what you get when people get jealous i dont see how else he would of had so much trouble other then a guy grassing the poor fella either that or he was deffo doing something wrong i think there is many back handers going on to be fair and yea i like that soapy taste had it with alot of stardawg phenos but it sometimes can be to over powering

  2. My favourite CBD flower strain so far has been Gorilla Glue from the folks at garden of hemp which sadly arnt going to get back in as there supplier only does batches at a time an once gone its gone on a positive note just ordered a dawter each from buzzing buddah and ukcbdhemp one after watching your review and one of strainchecks hoping there both going to be as good or if not close to what iv had before

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