12 thoughts on “Just chill cbd vape juice review

  1. oh my god… you really think this is the best CBD? you get the best effects from it? please explain what you mean? Do you feel more than you do off of other CBD products? take more than 2 puffs at a time. see what happens. if you get insanely high it's %100 not real CBD. CBD's effects are fairly subtle. If a so-called CBD product has a very intense effect, especially if it doesn't the the amount of CBD in MG it contains on the package you should probably trash it.

  2. MANY people have said it has synthetic stuff and possibly a bit of spice..somehow it slips through and is on the market, although nobody is 100% sure..I've just been doing some research after buying it, but kinda reticent to try it..

  3. Did you experience any high from these products? I just bought my uncle the same brand cbd gummies to see if they help with his neuropathy but I don't want to give them to him if he's gonna freak out. Thanks for your review!

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