Former Young Living Employee Tells All Plus Oregano Fiasco

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Here’s an excerpt of the former Young Living employee said on reddit:

“I was an employee for Young Living Essential Oils from the end of summer to after Christmas. I worked at their Call Center located in American Fork, UT. Because I was the front line for dealing with #bossbabes, I had access to a lot of information concerning product and inner working. I personally only use the oils for a febreze substitute (Employees got oils for free)… to be continued”

Make sure to click the sources below to learn more about the Oregano oil mishap and how to prevent that in you life.

a.) Oregano:

b.) YL Employee:



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35 thoughts on “Former Young Living Employee Tells All Plus Oregano Fiasco

  1. I take full strength I use a capsule.
    I started taking for cold sore I started to take by dosing low the first week then moving up.
    First day 1 drop 2 day two until I reached 12 drops in the capsule always taking with a meal.
    Ive yet had a out-break of a cold sore this has been a about a year and 8 months no out break I got them all the time before taking.
    I've also had bad sinus going on before I started and that cleared I also notice when I stop my sinus act up but when I start to take it again my hole sinus area clears breathing free and clear its so nice to breath through the nose matter of fact I'm breathing free and clear as I write.
    Now I'm experimenting with it on my skin on my face I've been getting theses reddish spots they come and go some are not going away and so I'm trying Oregano-oil to see what happens.
    PS I don't condole this unless you're pain tolerance is High because it burns good for a few minutes then goes away but you are warned I'm older male this will make a difference because of the skin types good luck.

  2. I will have to respectfully disagree that it is a pyramid scheme and I think the class action lawsuit will back me on this. The idea that having a product makes you an MLM and not a pyramid is a fallacy.
    The fact is you HAVE to recruit others to be successful with this company. They don't rely on sales they rely on gaining more distributors.
    In fact, in 2016 out of about 34M distributors 94% made on average $1 a month and was CHARGED $100 a month to stay active. The average YL distributor lost at minimum $1,175 not including any oils they bought. While in that same year the highest level in the company made $152,371 a month. Talk about #bossbabe.
    If this was about sales they wouldn't have 94% of their "employees" paying them to work there and then losing thousands in return…again you can look up the lawsuit for yourself it lays it out well.
    We won't even get in to all the shady things this company and it's founder have done over the years..#bossbabe #curescancer #curesebola #waterandoildefmixsoitsfinetodrink

  3. Dude, you are building your business off of negativity. Spend all your time talking about the benefits and proper use of oils – not bashing the competition, and people will respond positively! Attract through negativity, and that's what you'll get – negativity. You are wasting so much time bashing the others guys. Think of how much more good you could be doing if you went positive!

  4. People must do a ton of reading and educating themselves before utilizing the Essential Oils! Then all oils do not work the same on all individuals! You must take FULL responsibility in how you use these Essentials Oils, like Oregano as medicine, they are very powerful! God told us in the Bible that Plants were to be for our food and our medicine! Thanks for sharing! March 1, 2019

  5. Google the owner. He murdered his child. He was practicing medicine without a license. Before his death he said his oils could cure Ebola and a slew of others. And it’s an MLM scheme. 95% of the reps lose money.

  6. As soon as you read that she put it in her bra to help with loose right, my jaw hit the floor. I joined YL because after trying other oils, I realized they had the best quality, so I enjoy the discount and also the free promos each month. You get what you pay for, basically and you are absolutely right. Definitely not a pyramid scheme. The better term would be direct sales, because that is truly what it is, just like Plexus.

  7. Technically, MLM's are not pyramid schemes because a product is exchanged for money. Despite the hyper value placed on their products, the courts have ruled that these organizations are not pyramid schemes only because market value is determined in a capitalistic society by what a buyer is willing to pay. However, if one is being realistic, they will realize that most MLM products are much more expensive than comparable products sold through normal retail channels. It is because of this fake "value" that a thinking person will easily recognize a true pyramid scheme does exist within nearly all MLM structures.

  8. When did reddit become a scholarly platform for information ? Employees don’t get oils for free, they’re discounted. Not sure why you would even entertain this as a doterra representative. The fact that you need to slam another business to make yourself and/or product look good says a lot about your character. How did doterra begin their business again? Oh yeah they stole the idea from Young Living. #unoriginalcompany

  9. Eo’s a wonderful in limitless ways. That said, the constant debate over YL vs DoTerra is an old one and, in my opinion, a personal preference at the end of the day. They BOTH can generate income to build a business. Like every business, they require focus and work to accomplish. Distributors take sides, often taking sides (complete waste of positive energy). NEITHER one provides all organic essential oils! Both require monetary invests that are ongoing just to stay in the game as a distributor. There’s not one thing wrong with a “pyramid” type of business building. It’s not underhanded, it’s pretty up front. If, however, you are not interested in using these AND building a business then consider far cheaper, all organic on everything NHR oils. Or…try a good health food store, Amazon, etc.. and others. I don’t believe in ingesting either YL or DoTerra because nothing on those bottles indicate organic. This is my opinion only. You “do you” and enjoy the wonderful world of essential oils and life enhancing benefits. ??

  10. Young livin' why I like it…as an Independent Distributor…A wide assortment of PROCESSES FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE JUST CAUSES FOR THE ILL FORTUNATE it is however overpriced amongst some people that know how to utilize OTC DRUGS. Like uh….Arm & Hammer in a box… Or a toothpaste. Its displeasing to see how many lands are turned over to company's such as the one previously mentioned because systems (law)in distant lands are
    all to often disregarded. It truly is a degradation to most post colonial movement and grower's from where ever to have to type/text this. It is effective…like other botanical studies due to the nature of processes and proprietary sciences like weening oil from plant life for the sake of rescuing inhumane life. It is considered an art…and that can at times have a worth only heaven should have in pubs. Like mags, books, literature. Also, like some treatments derived from nature or works thereupon; it takes time and shopping around.

    NOW is a anothee pretty pricy high valued oil distributor foind publicly by whole foods.

    Or As stated Do Terra.

    Or More anything that oily and it utilized in gourmet cooking…

    Like Mazola, Butter, Crisco, Wineries, Margerine, SPICES, Shortening, Lard.

    There proofs sometimes are held to the prayerful candle test….or the diffuser for those of us who utilize fair portioned electrons in our dwellings.

    A while ago….I was watching on CSPAN the recognition that was being giving to our practice of law and Science in amongst our country's people and felt it was necessary to report how disgusted living in America can truthfully become because our Science's or studies are often duplicated…esp. when there are those who practice fully derived psycho-somatic statements like we no longer purposefully grow harvests of microbial universal problem. As if America or its dependants didn't have enough to put up with to begin with. And then go elsewhere to take defecation fest over there too.

    I am pleased at the employee benefits and discounts that are offered by entrepreneurs in grower's markets that enjoy a Rancher's input.

    It is fascinating that they sometimes do agree that the dollars signs and cents do not do the end result justice. Cause, veterinarians always get upset when they get called out for being too over valued in the hills/sticks/ and mountains of America. Moonshiners do not…They are always in business in dry counties any day or night. 🙂 here's to yours and ours….this festive season.

    May the drinks keep coming…till they all have their fill.

    -Do Not Forget to flush….and wipe if your aim is wrong. And then fill we up again. 🙂

  11. ?‍♀️ switching from one mlm to another. Maybe try non mlm oils? Also, pyramid schemes can include a product as well. If recruitment is the FOCUS and not entirely the product (join my team 24/7 and sell an oil here or there) then its still a pyramid scheme.

  12. MLM is a euphemism for pyramid scheme. Being the least bit fuzzy on that is how people buy into this bullshit, literally, and suffer financially.

    Also, there is absolutely zero research showing essential oils are in any way shape or form medically effective.

    It's like people that think homeopathy is real. If anyone actually understands the claims that homeopathy makes, and still thinks it's relevant, that factor alone is enough to indicate that they are a fucking idiot. There's no nice way to say it.

    Many people don't actually understand what homeopathy is, I'm not talking about those people. I'm strictly referring to people that actually know what homeopathy means and still believe it works.

    Fuck, while I'm calling out idiots, might as well throw a few more in. Anyone that believes that chem trails are a thing. Any and all flat earthers. Moon hoaxers. Climate change deniers. And the absolute worst idiots of all, the anti- vaccination crowd, also known as homicidally negligent assholes.

  13. Its best to sign up on your own not under someone (if you want to sell). Something legs they get more of the percentage than you. Its small though 5 percent. But if you want to start your own business you want to keep all your hard work and not let anyone bank while they sit on the sofa.

  14. What? Someone actually thought that oregano on her ta ta's would help with weight management. Lord have mercy.

    I use oregano to make a flu bomb and drinking it as if drinking a shot of an alcohol beverage. Or antimicrobial applications, and dilution is a must.

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