34 thoughts on “Taz's Love cbd hemp flower review ( Five Leaf Wellness)

  1. How do I get a dm to you! I slow when it comes to all this! I seen you liked the comment. If you can message me I have info I would like to share. I am a Medical Retired Federal Firefighter and I want to share something privately.

  2. Got a package!!!!
    I am really feeling Taz's Love.
    Its very sweet smelling and tasting.
    The smoke is light and very smooth.
    You really get all the different effects from all the strains.
    Very calm and relaxing but without the couch lock.
    I can't yet speak of the effects at bed time because it arrived this morning but its a great wake and bake!! ??

  3. What's up with the debit card companies giving cbd business issues with their processing. Its starting to get aggy.. They just need to go back to money orders and checks.. And Paypal just straight ?? on everything…

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