Review of Balance Cannabis Oil by Aphria

Philipe Dorion

I review Balance cannabis oil by Aphria Inc. My name is Philipe Dorion, you can call me Phil Dor. I live in Ottawa, Canada. I run a hemp cosmetics business, as well as a guitar teaching business. I am also an author of many books on guitar and other subjects.

I plan on reviewing more cannabis products, hopefully some that are more concentrated than this one. I have built up a good tolerance over time for both THC and CBD. I need too much of the Balance oil to get the results I want. Although the percentage is only 5% THC and 5% CBD, the effect when taken at your own adequate personalized dosage is very pleasant.

The CBD seems to prevent short term memory loss, and paranoia normally associated with taking large amounts of THC. If you really look into the mechanisms of CBD in the human body, and if you look at how CBD affects the overall high you get, you notice patterns: CBD is antipsychotic, and neuro-protective… Clearly this has something to do with the fact that it prevents paranoïa in users as well as short term memory loss.

I think that in the long run, we can protect ourselves from harmful effects of being too paranoid too often by taking equal amounts of THC and CBD when using recreationally. I always keep some concentrated CBD oils with various interesting terpene profiles just in case I need to calm down, or the opposite… CBD at 20mg will make me calm but focused, perfect for meditation. 50mg will make me really calm, and more sleepy. 10mg will simply stimulate my appetite a little bit.


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