27 thoughts on “Raw cone loader review using cbd hemp flower

  1. Taz, we are a conservative, southern, Christian couple. We love you! You are the best hemp reviewer EVER! You are real, descriptive, yet entertaining! We come to you for accurate reviews and laughs. WE are middle age and have found that smoking cbd helps with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain that we experience every day. We love watching your blunt- rolling and ramblings about life. Keep rollin'!

  2. Goku tabs just wanted to know if you'd be interested and getting a half pound of hemp flower for only 150 that's all it cost no don't feel good deal a whole pound for 250 not really RS $300 to $350 4 a whole pound of OG Kush and everything you find he will pay you for them but it is a straight female yeah there ain't no way he one is named where's my apple juice T1

  3. I remember my first loader that got to me and I was like wth because it split my cone so I stick with rolling joints and blunts I learn a lot of rolling cones and bought 15 raw tips they last for a while but I need to get back to rolling cbd hemp again well not cbd I used to smoke thc it ruined my relationship and now I'm clean

  4. It gets stuck at the bottom of the grinder because you might be putting too much material in the grinder at once. Try using smaller amounts and packing it multiple times instead of one big pack.

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