Medical Marijuana For Pets?
A recent news story about medical marijuana helping a dog for cognitive dysfunction was inaccurate, claiming that THC is very toxic, and that there is no research backing the claims. Dr Jones debiunks the myths. See some of the following links.

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Marijuana poisoning:

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Integrating cannabis into clinical cancer care:

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24 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana For Pets?

  1. Please help me. I just came across this as I’m searching for a way to help my female boxer who is 9 or possibly a little older (she was dumped on the side of a road with a blanket so I’m not sure her exact age) we’ve had her for 8 years or so. She has just started having seizures, she is on 120 mg of phenobarbital a day and I just started her on 50mg a day cbd tincture. I live in a state that is medical marijuana approved and I’m thinking of trying her on the/cbd 1.1 ratio. She weighs 60lbs and has been having episodes everyday for the past month. If you were in my situation what would you give her if the thc/cbd tincture is 50:50 600mg?

  2. I just gave a first dose of lazareth naturals 0.3 MLS of high potency cbd tincture with no thc to my 140 pound great Dane. It seemed to have an opposite effect on him! He became very anxious and he started crying for the first time. He was extremely needy and qouldnt let me leave his side. He acted as if in a bit more pain too, but couldnt tell. Jistvwas weird that he has never acted this way and suddenly he does this weird behavior after his first small dose. He has painful spinal issues and pain. 7 years old. I bought thc free thinking it was safer as I read….

  3. What about a dog who is wasting away from CHF? He has tachycardia & Afib controlled by meds out of ICU on Nov. 26, but HE WON"T EAT! Please help! Can I give him a 1:1 CBD to THC of medical marijuana?I am afraid to try because of I don't want the tachycardia to come back. IWhat brands can be trusted? have him on Pet Realeaf 1700 hemp oil CBD 500mg per ml. once a day divided into two servings per day. He seems better but it didn't help his appetite. It is helping his tremors though. He is on 150m mexilitine , 7.5 mg pimobendan, 80mg furosimide, 90 mg diltiazem all 2 x daily. The 15 mg mirtazipine and 80 mg cerenia do ZERO to his appetite! PLEASE Advise! He hasn't had a full meal since November 19! Force feeding Hill's A/D but only 100mls a day, plus 6-8 raw meatballs from a recepie I found on line, has wheat germ, molasses, gelatin, total cereal, oats and I pot some Royal Canin early heart prescription kibble in it to bind the ball. At least hey go down smoothly but I have to force them too!

  4. Thank you so much for touching on this. Our dog is 6 years old and for the past year has been limping on his back left leg. He has already gone through 2 major surgeries; one for an intestinal blockage removal, and one for a rattlesnake bite where the venom killed all the flesh under his jaw.
    The vet recommends surgery, and or long term Rymadol and Tramadol, all of which we do not want to put him through.
    We have been wondering about medical marijauna (we live in WA) to treat his pain and knee inflammation.
    I would love to have even more information recommended, regarding this healthier form of treatment. So thank you,…. thank you,…… thank you.

  5. If you are going to buy CBD oil online, buy the same lines that are sold at dispensaries. You can google dispensaries in for example CA, or AZ. At least they are regulated and you can be sure you are actually getting the dosage of CBD on the label. If treating for arthritis and pain, CBD from Hemp oil is ok, but if you are serious and want to cure an ailment or cancer, then you would need the CBD / THC from marijuana cannabis and not hemp. Always start low and you can always increase. Always follow recommended dosage on the label.

  6. Spot on! I rescued a 13 yr old Shih Tzu in 2016, he was taken to a high kill shelter by his former family. I pulled him, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and circulating leukemia. I tried IV chemo, after on treatment, he almost passed away. Without any treatment, he was given one month to live. I did a lot of research and all roads pointed to, medical cannabis. I spoke to his vet about trying this, her exact quote "I would much rather we tried something natural vs pumping him full of pharma chemicals." During the course of the first year, he would fall in and out of remission; then, it happened, he went into remission. I also made diet changes, "0" to very little carbs, which I am sure helped. He was on three different tinctures per day; one was more CBD, another was 1:1 and the other was more THC. His vet now uses his case to help other patients. If his vet and I not tried medical cannabis, he would not have made it. #cancerfightingninja

  7. Thanks for posting this, I have a small dog that up to 5 month old had no problem but at 6mth old started to fall over, she has really bad balance issues and will shake her head every now and then for a few seconds my vet said it from from interbreeding.. i'm hoping this will at least make her so she will be able to walk on the lead, but they said she would really go down hill at 5yrs old…..she's just turned one and their is already a worsening happened…can't remember the name they used..but he brain will not talk to her legs…hope this makes sense
    regards and best wishes.

  8. Is the CBD oil ok for cats? (I've written to you with other questions before!)I've been trying to contact Miss Envy in Vancouver but can't get through to them on their website and they don't have a phone number.Where in Canada can be purchase the pet oil?Blessings and thank you.

  9. Research is done by institutions and laboratories where animals are kept inside cages and abused, force fed, and then drugged, left to suffer with horrible side effects while confined to a cage. Then killed in order to be dissected and organs studied. This is how the drug companies conduct their so called research… On sick, abused and mentally crazed, caged up dogs and cats. And they expect us to be obedient and follow these so called studies.

  10. I'm from Poland. I have a 12 year old lab. here, no veterinarian is suggesting CBD oil 🙁 I am looking for information about CBD oil treatment on the internet .My dog Dakar has a big pain in the joints and the vets only heal medicines that have a lot of bad side effects, please help CBD concentration and what dose a dog weighing 83.78Ib. Thank you for the interesting video.

  11. I am the casting producer for an upcoming docu-series entitled MEDICAL MARIJUANA MIRACLES. The show aims to use artful, heartfelt storytelling and filmmaking to highlight individual stories while also bringing awareness to the benefits of medical marijuana. Anyone interested in sharing their story or the story of using MM for their animal can contact Molly and Jen at Thanks!

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