30 thoughts on “Amnesia Haze cbd hemp flower review from Black Tie Cbd

  1. Been awhile since a left a comment! But I just wanted to say thanks for all your reviews. Because of you Ive found some great quality hemp. I feel better my social anxiety has went down. I’m always in a good mood. Black Tie has definitely become a household fave, along with many others because of your reviews! Keep up the good work homes! Oh and try out some King Palms

  2. sound like my kids when I do a beer review lol mine be crawling all on me though . the give no fucks about my me time haha.. I love your reviews by the way . im going to look into cbd bud now. I needs me some cheers . keep up the good work

  3. Hey Taz, parent to parent… nobody is talking about where kids fall into legalization. I'm first and foremost a mommy. I'm certainly not the traditionally portrayed "stoner" type. My house is always immaculate, I homeschool and involve my children in lots of educational activities. Because of my southern Baptist upbringing, I find myself feeling ashamed of my cbd and feeling like I'm not supposed to do these things in front of my kids. However, deep down I know that it's time children are taught about God's natural medicine and to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs. How do you handle this? What are your thoughts as a dad?

  4. I need help! Lmao don’t know what to do I need to make my mind up before I order on Friday . Should I get 1: 2oz blueberry pie minis, afghani hash(or 3.5 of candyland /amnesia instead) ,candyland kief, and amnesia haze keef
    2: 2oz blueberry pie, 1oz acdc (only thing is I heard acdc hits harsh and don’t know how the effects are)
    3: 2 Oz blueberry , candland kief and 7 grams of amensia,
    4: 2 Oz blueberry, hash , 8th of amnesia
    Please help everyone and lmk how the hash is and if it’s worth it /how strong the effects are thanks ????

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