15 thoughts on “14 Year Old Dog and CBD Oil

  1. Thank you for sharing. My 11.5 yr old just had his first seizure. It was dramatizing. We have been looking for solutions and it seems like CBD oil can be helpful so we went and bought some today. Thank you for sharing your video with us. It gives me hope that the aftermath tremors can be contained by giving my dog CBD.

  2. I'm so glad this has helped your baby. I give my little 3 pound yorkie hemp honey for seizures pain and everything else he has going on. At first kt was a night and day difference but sometimes he wont take it and others he will eat as much as he wants.
    He was doing the shaking or vibrating thing tonight but he wouldn't take his hemp honey but I didnt get to give him his steroid or his neuronton last night either. I finally got him to quit shaking by letting him lay on me on his favorite spot and I covered him up with my blanket so now he feels safe.
    I knew something was going to happen because of him wanting me to hold him close half the day. Normally he is not a touchy feely type of boy but when he dont feel good he wants his mommy. I believe that they are a form of seizures also. My little Merley Moo does this thing with dropping his head so I knew something was coming.
    Please watch my videos of my special little Merley Moo especially the one of him singing. It will brighten your day and bring a smile to face which is worth more then any money in thr world. Only thing that I would love is to have the money to get him the surgery he needs.
    But please watch how sweet he is. Thank you and god bless.

  3. anyone who gives a tumbs down fir these videos should go an play bingo or something when this oil is only doing good for people an animals about time we got something that'd good an not belong to those pharmaceutical companies that rip us off an leave you with another illness that you never had ,tumbs up for CBD oil .

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