21 thoughts on “Crohn's Disease & CBD Oil: Does It Work?! My Honest Review

  1. Maybe if everything didnt freak you out so much your stomach would calm down. You should try increasing your cdb dose, at higher doses cbd relaxes me so much. Not to mention no more anxiety.

  2. Am glad that you're getting better and it works. But first, it not hallucinogenic and that fear is a program, a virus that you still have from the lies of the government. It's a plant and herb. It's like anything else no matter if is good if you're abused it then if your fault, not the plant. I have been using cannabis since I was 16 and am 47. I have a period of abuse in it, but then I learn. Now I just take a few puffs here and there, and I know the strain that feels good for me. Many blessings to you!

  3. Great video! I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (have had symptoms on and off since I was 14 and I am 25 now). I have been nervous about the diagnosis and this video helped make me feel better about helping it some! You’re beautiful! Thank you for the video!

  4. I been having Crohn for 40 years. Had 2 surgeries before they put me Purinethol which is very effective. I am now on Humira . I used CBD oil in spray. Dosage is 5mg 30 mins before each meals so 3 times a day.

    Its very effective at slowing down the disgestive track, remove stomac spasm, reduce pain. It also reduce stress and slow down my resting heartbeat.

    I found that adding 1mg of THC per dose helps even more. So now I have 5mg per spray bottle that I combine with a 1mg THC / CBD per spray bottle.

    We dont have flavors here in Quebec so it does taste a bit like what pot smells.

  5. Thanks for this review. I have had nothing but trouble with humira. Half my pens misfire. I haven't tried Remicade yet. I never knew I had Crohn's until my colon ruptured in September and it almost killed me. I always had pain but never any other symptoms. I also have lupus. I hope this works. I'm sick of all the side effects. Good luck to you.

  6. Your brain was never on overdrive, chill. Lmfao but you would benefit from about 60mg cbd a day 30mg twice daily and a little bit of thc with it. It really makes a difference! Idk about legality near you, but if the symptoms are particularly debilitating like mines was, cbd and thc combo is incredible.

  7. CBD is a fantastic tool in pain management. I am 39. I was diagnosed at 19.. So 20 years. I had horrible side effects from medications.. Prednisone- Auditory Hallucinations, Remicade – Paralysis, Imuran – Pancreatitis you see the problem? My supposed solutions were not helping but making me worse. Anyway, I digress… I was introduced to using marijuana at age 35. I was very sick, fainting from malnutrition, couldn't stop vomiting. How can I be healthy though if I can't keep substance in my body… So, I smoked.. About twenty minutes later, I was feeling a little weird, kept listening to the same song over and over but, it sounded fantastic… Anyway, so. Twenty minutes later… Not only am I thirsty as hell but, I'm hungry. Like actually hungry. I mean. Normally I would just skip meal after meal and go N/PO but… I ate grilled chicken.. It was amazing. I chewed slowly, really tasting how good it was to eat. Nearly cried. So, now I'm a complete stoner… I vape all day long everyday. It's so discreet not even my boss notices.. 😉 The taste is tolerable and there is no smell:) I'm not a fan of eating it unless it's taffys or gummys…

  8. I'm a cannabinoid therapy specialist. Increase your dosage to 90 to 100 Mg per day, to get the issue under control, then you could reduce to 50 to 60 mg daily, and it's quite likely you could get completely off Pharmaceutical's.

  9. You should consider humira. I had a very bad flare with hospitalization, which is when I was diagnosed. This was a year ago. I got put on humira and it has done wonders. I was severely underweight (to an unhealthy point) and it allowed me to gain 30 pounds! I'm now super healthy, and I haven't had another flare. I also haven't had any problems with my chrons since. It's definitely worth a try!

  10. Thanks for sharing. I was trying CBD but colonoscopy was bad and got on Humira. I'm going to incorporate CBD slowly again. I got Crohns when I was 21 and for the 1st 10 years or so, no meds just smoked weed eveyday, few times a day, I was a pothead lol and I'm guessing it helped. No hospitalization. Never bad pains. Diarrhea was my main concern but again, never got real sick and no meds. Got off it due to anxiety and Crohns has been worse ever since. Coincidence? Maybe. But that's my story.

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