Why I Take CBD Oil Everyday

Watch to find out what CBD does for me and the members of my family, and why I choose to take this every single day!

In this episode of #RoxyTalks I I discuss why I take CBD oil everyday. There is a ton if research out there about CBD, it’s uses, and effects. Watch to find out what CBD does for me and the members of my family, and why I choose to take this every single day! Get in the discussion with me down in the comments section and don’t forget to Subscribe!

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Why do I take cbd oil everyday? What are the benefits of cbd oil? What about the cbd oil side effects? Can you take cbd oil for anxiety? This video discusses the uses of cannabidiol, cannabis oil and cannabidiol cbd. You can also use cbd oil for dogs, cbd oil for pain and also its anti inflammatory properties. If you’ve ever wondered how to use cbd oil, are curious about cbd oil reviews, or wondered if cbd is real or fake? Watch this cbd oil review for pain, cbd for chronic pain and the benefits of cbd oil. Is cbd oil safe? Is cbd oil good for you? Is cbd addictive? All questions will be answered in this video as I explain how cbd oil changed my life.


18 thoughts on “Why I Take CBD Oil Everyday

  1. Hi sweetie I just started cbd oil Charlotte web Hemp every day I was on klonpin and anxiety depression medication bad side effects so I wean off all of that ☠️ and using cbd and vape ? my body feels so good God made this ? for our body to heal and brain ?

  2. Just started taking CBD after seeing how much it helped my older brother with his anxiety/depression. In less than 3 weeks, he was able to very comfortably come off almost all of his prescribed medications. This stuff is the real deal.

  3. CBD oil is a miracle drug. But even advocates seem to be a bit in the dark, when it comes to dosage. The beneficiary mechanisms in "positive case study results" are typically achieved at around 100-200mg/daily. This is in contrast to say the use recommendation on a 30ml(1oz) 250mgCBD at one ml daily. The latter is akin to microdosing on a non-psychoative compound +<, .i.e. with minimal if any therapeutic benefits. 8-10mg/daily avg dose is being consumed which is just not enough. 100 to 200mg a day prices most people out and the worst part of all is that only 12% of the last 320 CBD market products tested had the labeled amount of CBD. 88% had barely any CBD or none at all (the unscrupulous vendors of fake CBD oil created by the price out conditions of affrodable required therapeutic dosage aforementioned).

    My point is CBD oil is everything they claim and more, but understanding the above is crucial if you have a real medical issue and considering CBD.

  4. Hey sissy, a chiropractor can help with a lot of these ailments that you are talking about. There are lots of them that are very homeopathic and are very supportive of Cbd.
    Another thought….. lol do you remember as kids we would sit outside/ explore and come up with games that sound similar to your fear story ?
    I didn’t know that Chris had these problems, and I’m so sorry to hear that he can’t play music! I hope that he can find some relief soon.
    Omg!!!! The bio-dome reference ??? you make me smile.
    We miss you so much!

  5. That’s wild. I have tinnitus as well!!!! Great talk RoxyLee, I’m a huge fan of CBD as well. It’s basically a cure-all in my opinion, as far as physical pains and/or mental strains. I use it personally & I’ve seen Charlottes web work wonders on a child who suffered from debilitating autism, he’s now fully functioning. I worked in a dispensary here in Colorado for a long time, I got to meet & talk with so many people who use it in place of pain meds! It’s incredible medicine, it saves lives. Hemp is the mother plant, it would change the world if we all got on board with it.

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