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  1. I have treatment-resistant major depression, PTSD, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder and now agoraphobia, and that's before I even mention the MS and chronic 24/7/365 day pain whereby I feel like I have the worst 'flu of my life and it never goes away – my arms constantly feel like they are weighted down with lead and I can barely lift them – plus there's the hideous migraine and feeling as if someone is jamming knitting needles into my head and eyes, constant pain down my neck, at the occiput (base of skull), shoulders and scapulae (mid back). All this pain is making my life a living hell, plus I also have a depressed husband and a mother with dementia and no-one to help with any of this (no family, siblings, friends, etc). I'm literally at wit's end. I was keen on purchasing this pen but wanted to see some reviews first. Thank you for sharing – I just placed my order and hope to God it helps just a little bit <3

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