1. Doberman is a very active energetic and need to be mentally stimulated. There’s other ways to do this without giving you’re pup doggie Prozac for a “solution” to change his natural behaviors the breed has

  2. I really like this case study, and she is HOT too. I have just started with CBD, Hemp oil for my pain management and it seem to be helping a lot more than just my pain management. WOW, I will keep you update on how things are going the next month. I forgot the web site I'm using but they have the PURE CBD grown right here in Boulder Colorado, Organic, no GMO, only from the finest hemp oil seed, http://www.naturalCBDRemedies.com They have a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee or money back! Prices are lower than most places and a third party does all the FDA approval stuff.

  3. A lot of exercise is the best solution, you weren't meeting your dog's needs, after all it is a DOBERMAN look at their lineage, it's one of their most important needs, lots of movement. Supplements are good but nothing can substitute the time you put in to their fitness

  4. My dog has grade 2 Luxating Patella in both his hind legs. He was born with it. Early on and throughout all vet visits, they've all said eventually he would need to have surgery. He never acted like anything bothered him. But about 2 years ago, he started slowing down. He wouldn't jump to get up on anything and started to act like he didn't want to be around people. Other than me, he wouldn't let anyone touch his back side. I went to the Dallas Pet Expo and they had CBD Oil. I was so skeptical but figured I had nothing to lose. By day 3, he was more active and seemed happy. It was recommended to give him .25 of the dropper in the morning and .25 at night. Before this, I never thought he was in pain because he never showed any issues. After the 1st week, I realized how badly his knees hurt him for the majority of his life. He was not socialized originally as he was my mom's emotional support dog for the first 2 years of his life. He'd been around only people. When I started taking him to the park to socialize him, he'd sit at the gate and wouldn't look at anyone or anything. He gradually got better but still kept his distance. Looking back I think he hurt too much when the dogs touched him. He did try to run once but it looked so awkward and painful and he never really tried after that. So we got him a stroller. But by the end of the 2nd week on the oil, he was running at the dog park. He was going up and introducing himself to dogs… It was a big deal. Now when I get home from work, he's so happy and plays and he's just a completely different dog. I'm SOOOO for CBD Oil – but make sure it's organic and really research that the company knows where every ingredient is coming from.

  5. According to Dr. Andrew Jones dvm.-'veterinary secrets'- 1 drop per 10 lbs. Works best if dropped in mouth or rubbed inside ear so cbd oil may be directly absorbed avoiding digestion and lessen effectiveness!
    Check some of his vids!!

  6. Try out CBD oil aswell alot of cannabis dispensaries here in California have a product called "VET CBD" if your over 21 just walk into a recreation cannabis club and try it out. The dose is typically 1mg of CBD per 10lbs. Cannabis and hemp are bassicly the exact same plant only hemp has a higher CBD content and miniscule THC content. Hemp oil is alot just like CBD oil the only difference is there isn't much CBD probabaly not any at all maybe trace amounts. Last year I have all 3 of my dogs CBD (Shepard terriar Chihuahua mix) and (Doberman Chihuahua mix) and (Siberian husky) all their doses were a little different I actually have my Doberman Chihuahua 1.5 mg of CBD although he is 10 pounds but he is a dog with alot of anxiety. We watched the firework downtown and none of them freaked out. It realy put them in a state of calmness. Do some research and don't be intimidated by the fact that it's from cannabis.

  7. CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not the same. Everyone needs to understand the difference between the two products. Please do your research and ask questions. The benefits from CBD oil are greater than hemp seed oil.

  8. alot of difference between just hemp oil, hemp cbd oil and marijuana cbd oil. research thoroughly before buying. personally, i wouldn't shop for cbd oil from amazon, ebay or even most websites. i look for the "about us" page for history of the company, where they source the hemp from. if you're just wanting hemp oil from the grocery store, that different. that would be a dietary supplement, like olive oil. if you're wanting true cbd oil from the flower or the hemp plant (seed/stalk), it's best to just go to a dispensary or do research and read reviews of reputable on-line stores that don't rip you off.

  9. CBD oil has help alleviate my dogs allergies by about 80%. Just make sure it's 100% pure, organic, with no other additives and get from a trusted source. And me and my wife also take it for inflammation of joints.

  10. Was punching up YouTube on this for my dog ironically this is the first video I saw and it is with a Doberman so that is pretty cool.I have three Dobermans one has seizures so he is on Fino barbital one has limes disease but is dormant he is my oldest and needing something for his elderly normal pain stuff and the female has urinary problems she is on special food. Wonder how this is for pain management? I hear this stuff can be pricey as well. But my dogs are priceless to me. Great video by the way?

  11. Have 3 year old male Doberman just finishing up at 2 week advanced obedience training program our trainer recommended CBD oil for anxiety enjoyed your video ordered a bottle off of Amazon of the hemp oil we'll post an update

  12. Well, thank you, I have a very reactive 4 year old pittbull, she's on floxatine now and it's not doing much. I think I'm going to have to try this hemp oil. I am at my wits end with her stressful behaviour . I've tried every training tool available. Know it's not me. I have other dogs that are different. I'd love to see before and after results.

  13. So my 2 year old Corso has been suffering from arthritis already. I decided to give cbd a try, and we just finished day 2. I must say I wish he was more accepting of taking the oil as your dogs are… I feel bad for forcing him to take it, but he hates it so much he's already growling "No" at me when he sees the dropper in my hand…

  14. my dog is a pit mix and super anxious of other dogs…. she guards the house to the point where I Have to close the blinds in the house ..is it worth trying this stuff for severe reactivity

  15. This is super interesting as I’m researching for my own dog. I’m a pot smoker myself for my poor hips and lower back issues and know how well it works for that, basically I couldn’t sleep due to the pain, but didn’t want to jump into giving cbd to my dog without reassurance it’s OK. My dog is almost 10 now and all of a sudden she’s stopped sleeping in her bed at night and is constantly up and down the stairs all night going from bed to bed. She’s been to the vet and gotten the OK there, other than some arthritis setting in, and I’m wondering if it’s the arthritis that’s causing the issues. My questions to you are, how old is your dog and did you notice an almost instant effect from the cbd? The place I get my medicinal pot from also has dog treats so I’m going to try those. Cheers.

  16. Hi katy , I would love to send you a couple of bottles to test out. Its been a family business for 7 years cbd for people and i have opened up for pets. We only use flower for the hemp plant , full spectrum co2 extract. if you are interested please contact me 🙂 ciao Ronen

  17. ? ? 7 things to consider when buying CBD oil:
    1.) – Be sure you are using a quality product. Read the labels for additives, chemicals and unnecessary ingredients that dilute and destroy the product. Check lab results, COA's (Certificate of Authorizations), mold + toxicity reports, gas and chromatography reports, etc.
    2.) – Check extraction method – CO2 is best. Ethanol tends to leave behind solvents and residue in the oil. Check the source of the farm. Not all are compliant.
    3.) – Check reviews! Some people get sick from taking a crappy CBD, others have phenomenal results- again quality matters. Check the return policy, not all CBD oil companies will refund you if you have a poor experience.
    4.) – Serving suggestion varies based on the individual person. Some need 15mg a day and others need 30mg. Synthetic CBD requires a higher amount, (50mg / day) natural is typically lower. (20mg – 30mg)
    5.) – Don’t be sold by marketing terms such as nanotechnology, liposomal, bioavailability etc – there is zero science backing this regarding CBD.
    6.)- Full spectrum will likely give better results (the therapeutic range is much wider) VS a CBD only product but if you’re worried about drug testing then get a CBD only product as the THC in the full spectrum can show up on a drug test.
    7.) – The only brand I know that meets these requirements is HempWorx.

  18. We get all ours from 'Sussex CBD' on Facebook. They do drops for humans and drops or tablets for pets. High dose full spectrum CBD in organic hemp oil. I feel compelled to shout this stuff from the rooftops. All our dogs have had ailments of one kind or another but since we started using CBD its been a rarity to have a problem with any of them. Better coats, less pain (noticable in walking) no itching, solid poos more calm and generally simply very healthy and happy.. Something very special about CBD

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