I tried CBD oil for 5 days * this is what happened *

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36 thoughts on “I tried CBD oil for 5 days * this is what happened *

  1. Giiiirl❤️ I love that you actually included the beginning in the video
    And I totally get you, I'm so sensitive myself and I get just as sad about these kinds of things. Just remember that you are lovely and that there's nothing wrong with being sensitive❤️ Actually I'm pretty sure it makes you an even better person?

  2. When people bail on you, you find out who are your friends and who are not!
    This can make you or break you. Makes you wiser and stronger.
    A good cry and reexamination is taken it to the next level. On your way to recovery.
    I’ve got a feeling everything going to be alright. You still have you. You can move on.
    I thought I married my best friend, my husband. Not so, he was abusive and controlling. After a long period of marriage and trying to make things right was divorce. I loved him too much and enabled him. He didn’t have to do anything, I did it all. After divorce I cried and re-examined myself. I’m better than that. No I can concentrate on me. I can grow wiser and stronger. I learn to be cautious of different types of people. I hang out with positive energized people and avoid the negatives who can bring me down and mislead me. Know what type of friends your looking for without blindly calling somebody your friend, know their intentions, what they’re like when their angry and how they handle their anger. Very important.

  3. The people that you need in your life, will be there lovely. I mean, maybe there is a reasonable explanation but its still not a nice feeling! Please dont see this as a reflection on you, youve got the most beautiful soul. Take care of you xxx

  4. It's happened to me hun. Friends bail on you but that just means they aren't really your friends. I'm 27 and have been through my fair share of fake friends. It's hard and it hurts BUT, it makes you stronger. And it makes you see why your real friends are. <3 Lots of love to you

  5. I totally get it I’m sensitive to friendship things as well it took me ages to get over a toxic friendship but it’s better now that I have and don’t worry about crying on camera because it’s good to let out emotions
    the videos btw x

  6. I know exactly how sad & let down your feeling & it sucks!! I was diagnosed with cancer last year & little by little my friends stopped getting intouch, gone were the invites & in the end they stopped contacting me at all. I hope you feel better soon & remember if people don't want to be around you that's there problem not your's! Xx

  7. Oh my gosh, don't be sad. I'm such a sensitive person too ! I take things to heart and I think it's a beautiful quality. Feel the emotions, know that you're kind and wonderful and then focus on positive things !! Don't over think things too much xxx

  8. It’s okay to cry, you have to let it out and your human, being bailed on is a horrible and I can’t believe a friend would ever do that to you. I hope you feel better now but just know that we love you xxx ?

  9. Olivia, I know exactly how you feel. It happens to me a lot. I just want to let you know that we sensitive people always seem to suffer more than others because we simply care too much about things and other people’s feelings. I used to think “why can’t I be like others and just stop thinking and questioning everything so much?” But I’ve understood that those people are actually superficial and don’t care about how they make other people feel. I’m sure you would never have bailed a person because you have a big heart. I was always trying to go out with people because I was always scared of being alone, but when I realised they just weren’t like me I decided that it was better to be alone or to go out with my mum!
    I just really want to thank you for sharing this with us because it has just made me realise that there still are sensitive and caring people out there. I hope you do make videos where you share your feelings and opinions about things because you’re such a nice and special person. I think that you connect better with us with these kind of videos! X

  10. Can totally relate to the anxiety of doing new things! I had a hair cut last week and it literally took me 2 months to build up to it and the anxiety on the day was insane!! Also hate small talk at the hairdressers!! ?

  11. Awww bless you. Definitely take time to look after yourself!! I really feel for you. It's a horrible thing to happen but honestly you are an amazing person!! It's horrible being so sensitive, I'm the same. You're not letting anyone down!! Crying is therapeutic in itself!! Glad you turned your day around and did something nice for yourself!! ❤️❤️❤️

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