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  1. CBD oil is Hemp oil, however it's from the flower and stalk of hemp. Other hemp oil is actually hemp SEED oil, and there is no or very little CBD in it. Hemp is not Marijuana (therefore, not a scheduled one drug, according to statutes and the courts).

    Hemp is very legal, and CBD is legal. Most or all CBD is from hemp. DEA hates hemp even though they were sued 3 times starting in 2004, by HIA (Hemp Industry Association) to stop making policy to give hemp people a hard time: 2014 Farm Bill says that DEA can only be involved with the hemp seeds, to make sure the THC is very very low. CBD/Hemp is a food product or a supplement: FDA may be involved using supplement or food laws.

  2. The Octivida Oil is the one that gets more than 3% of absorption into our bodies. It has 80% absorption in our bodies. I think its just about the best that you can buy out there!!! If this hemp oil is combined with Curcumin, it helps with inflamation too and arthritis. No side effects and can be taken with your meds. Good for diabetes also. If you have wounds that just won't heal. This will heal them!

  3. Basically, hemp oil is garbage. You can buy a gallon jug of it for 20$. Yet people still try to charge like 100$ for an ounce of it, obviously hoping people dont understand the difference between cbd oil and hemp oil.

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  5. Hemp is a male plant U can't get stoned of it will give U a headache smoke it all day if U like U can't stoned simple the oil of the hemp plant will not get U stoned as well A female plant well lol now that will get U stoned the oil off the female plant is more potent than the actual plant the oil is more a heavy mind and body stoned Then U have a hermaphrodite plant now that can turn male or female if it turns female the plant or the oil will not be as potent it will give a very mild stone if it turns male again it will give U a headache.and lots of seeds Native Americans have been smoking weed for centuries.Wee smokem peace pipe lol weed is harmless male or female lol

  6. if your confused read this: hemp has little to none psychoactive cannabinoids (neurotransmitters) and marijuana does have psychoactive cannabinoids which can change your brain chemistry which gives bad effects on your conscious level (altered state of mind) motor skills etc. if you do not want to risk getting lung cancer I advice to get a herbal vaporizer and only use hemp (no thc) or bud with low levels of thc and high on CBD.

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